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November 01, 2017:

-Answer to Miguel Andre's Message: Hello Miguel Andre, as you have probably seen in my tutorial's post, the files from the weapon I was working on are gone, I lost them so I can't finish that tutorial, what I can do is make a new tutorial with another weapon but due to my limited time (explained in my last post announcement) I can offer you my help via GTA Inside or GTA Forums message services.

August 03, 2017:

-Answer to Delta99's Message: Hello Delta99, I can convert the STG-44 but about the Japanese weapon pack, I can't convert it, some people have requested it before and I simply can't work with those files neither I don't have enough time for big stuff.

March 24, 2017:

-Answer to Lynx's Message: Hello Lynx, I'm sorry but as previously said to others requesters, I don't work with links from Nexusmods webpage; due to the necessity of an account there; you can check where I frequently download 3D models, by the way, Millenia is a texture maker, not a model creator, he just design textures for other's 3D models.

Update: I'm sorry but I can't work with 3D model formats (.nif) I've never seen before (looks like a fragmentary model format like 3D models from Counter Strike), just tell me which weapons do you want and I will search them.

March 20, 2017:

-Answer to Pounc3r's Message: Hello Pounc3r, the problem could be possibly produced by a timecyc or maybe because you are not using the normalmaps plugin; as you can see in the picture in the related post, the roadbarrier looks good. and about the .col file, thanks for the help but at the moment I can't fix the well-known bug with the casting shadows malfunction.

March 16, 2017:

-Answer to Lynx's Message: Hello Lynx, a part of your request is done and you can now download it; the necessary information and download link are inside the newest post.

March 14, 2017:

-Answer to Pounc3r's Message: Hello Pounc3r, your request is done and you can now download it; the necessary information and download link are inside the newest post.

January 31, 2017:

-Answer to Tango's Message: Hello Tango, unfortunately, those weapons are in a webpage where you need an account to download them, I don't have an account there and besides I don't know how to work with Fallout formats, anyways, I was able to found one of the models you requested me (in a quick search), the Nambu Type 14 handgun, so soon I will upload it.

January 28, 2017:

-Answer to Pounc3r's Message: Hello Pounc3r, I'm almost sure I've already answered this request before but I'll give you the same answer or a similar one this time. Let me explain you how lights works in the game; the three main lights sources in the game are independent, the vehicle lights, lamp post lights, and building lights works separately and even if I know a way to disable the car lights with a CLEO script (because I do know a way), I don't know how to do it with the other two lights; lampposts and building lights are configured in data files, the traffic lights are (possibly) hard coded inside their 3D models (I've already checked them many times with 3D model Softwares) and car lights are the simple ones to control because we all know out there are some CLEOs to turn on/off them.

So, before say "yes or no" to your request, I have a question "why it has to work or happen in the night only?", an EMP bomb disables the electronic devices whenever you use it, it doesn't disable the lights only and it doesn't just work at night, so considering that, if I made your request I must also make it able to turn off all vehicles in the game.

And last but not least, my answer to your request is no, I'm sorry but I can't and I don't wanna make it, due to the impossibilities of the hard work I must dedicate to find a way to do what I told you in the previous paraphs. Maybe Silent or Zaz would like to make it.

By the way, I don't make modifications for SAMP or MTA, just check the general rules, because I'm sure you did not check them before send your request.

January 28, 2017:

-Answer to Tango's Message: Hello Tango, I've checked the Type 64 and Type 89 models but both comes in .vtx format and I don't work & don't know how to convert that format; the rifle model from CGtrader is the same from the last time; the "Jap Weapons" folder from the MEdifire link has the 3D models with their textures but the models are in .psk format, I've never worked with that format.

Please don't give me CGtrader links since the free models there are really low-poly ones and in most of cases comes without textures, and talking about the others two models pack, me, as most of the people, work with known 3D model formats, as .3ds or .obj, we avoid unknown or rare 3D formats because are harsh or even impossible to convert to known ones.

If you really want those weapons in the game try to find another videogame (for PC obviously) that has those weapons and then try to find a way to rig them.

December 30, 2016:

-Answer to Lynx's Message: Hello Lynx, I will check those models and see if I can convert them; fortunately for me, those models are from P3DM what it means I'm probably gonna be able to convert them, I still haven't check them all but I will convert all the possible models I can from that list. stay tuned for the upcoming posts in the blog.

December 29, 2016:

-Answer to RealMcCoy's Message: Hello RealMcCoy, if you want to know how to install the Enhanced Functions modification, you can check the official topic in GTA Forums here or wait for the second part of my tutorial on "how to adapt and install enhfuncs".

December 28. 2016:

-Answer to Lynx's Message: Hello Lynx, most of the converted weapons are from webpages like P3DM or GameBanana, I didn't extract them from the videogames I have in my PC; only a few times I've rigged models from the games I have but for private porpuses only, those games are Medal of Honor Warfighter, GTA IV, GTA V, Battlefield 4, Arma 3, etc. When somebody requests me a weapon, I usually look for it on the web and as for last option, I rig it by myself.

December 24, 2016:

-Answer to Tango's Message: Hello Tango, thanks for following the steps for the request, I was checking the models you want and although they look really low-poly models, I can convert them but the problem is, it doesn't come with textures; I'm sorry but I can't make them. If you can find better models, with included textures, I can convert them to the game.