Monday, August 7

(OLD) Incoherences in the New GTAs (May 15, 2018 Updated!)

Hello people, as I said in my previous post, the announcement, in my current workshop I will fix and solve some of the incoherences in vehicles from GTA V, but before that, I want to make a post having a further look into those errors or mistakes of the game.

.-No Fuel Cap (we have some exceptions): most of the vehicles in GTA V doesn't have a fuel cap, so instead of shooting them "there", we have to shoot them at one side of the rear left wheel. I don't know if that was done on purpose or they just forget about it and then looking for a quick solution leave it as it is now. But, we've got some exceptions to this mistake, some trucks or similar vehicles with an uncovered fuel tank can explode if we shoot them, and we also got some cars like the Declasse Mamba, similar to its real counterpart, it has a big metallic fuel cap close to the boot.

.-No IconicNecessaryy Turn lights: the previously mentioned car, the Declasse Mamba, doesn't have front turn lights, and that's illogic thinking is a legal street vehicle in-game. Actually, most of the vehicles in the game doesn't have either front turn lights or rear turn lights and even if we can't use them, the NPCs use them and that gives a lot of realism to the game. Some vehicles even have like 6 different fog lights but none turn lights.

.-Missing Badges: Rockstar has been adding a lot of new vehicles since 2014, and something that calls my interest are the missing badges or actually the usage of the same badge for a lot of cars (this also happens with the lights texture). This can be mainly noticed in motorcycles, most of them just have a few badges or even none, a good example is the Dinka Enduro. Another good example is the Vapid Dominator, if you change the front grille with the second variant, the front badge disappears.

.-Non Usable Lights: as I said, some vehicles have a lot of fog lights, but are unusable; vehicles like the Canis Mesa Merryweather, the Coil Brawler or the Benefactor Dubsta, come or have a big amount of fog lights, in the front bumper or on the roof, but as I said are unusable, their only purpose it seems to be is for making the vehicle looks stronger or only as a decorative thing.

.-No Taxi Service In Blaine County: well I know we can call a taxi from every point of the map but you never see a taxi driving on the streets of Blaine County; in GTA IV, (even if we have only two types of taxis) if you are in Algonquin, you will see the Cabbie taxi, that only appears there. If Rockstar added different Ambulances and Police units, why didn't they do the same with taxis?

.-Half-Track Vehicle: is really strange that Rockstar used a classic pickup truck to make what they call "a modern anti-aircraft vehicle". Half-Tracks are discontinued military vehicles now, their only use now is for farming or similar stuff.

.-Amphibious APC: one of the new innovations is the addition of an amphibious APC, but the main doubt here is, where are the marine propellers?; another big doubt is, why it has turn lights? (...) what is Rockstar thinking while designing new vehicles? although military vehicles in real life indeed have turn lights and a complete lights system for street usage, why other vehicles in-game such as the previously mentioned don't have them?

.-Hide/No Visible Fuel Tank: this one is related with "no fuel cap", because most of the vehicles in-game doesn't have a fuel tank, and even if you can produce a fuel leak by shooting on the side, where does that fuel comes from?, if you check the underbody of any vehicle, you will see that there is nothing more than a generic low-poly design. I really wonder if Rockstar will ever change that, by adding a more customizable engine block, covered underbodies for off-road vehicles and such things. We have, as always, some exceptions, and in this case, our exception is the Pfister 811.