Sunday, August 6

Announcement - New Improvements of the Year (August 06, 2017 Updated!)

First post of the month!

Hey everyone, today I was improving, as you could notice, the blog, changing some stuff and moving some things from one place to another, that's the case of the "General Rules" section, it is now placed along side the other labels of the blog and has its own page inside the blog. The main goal of this new improvements is to have a more minimalistic but always keeping the essence of the "original" blog.

Talking about the blog itself, we have supered the mark of 17 posts of 2016, and we are on our way to do the same with the mark of 19 posts of 2015, there's a lot of new stuff and releases we are working on, and I say "we" because I'm currently working with some friends, real life friends and modding friends, but well, you have already figured that out with the last post, where I made some improvement on two Junior Djjr's modifications.

And now if somebody is wondering what is going on with my workshop on GTA Forums, the answer is "I'm just too busy to keep it active, but my work there will continue, more sporadic but will be worth the wait"; I'm working on some vehicle ideas such as new versions for already existent vehicles from GTA V and on some other ideas like vehicle facelifts, vanilla model fixes, incoherences corrections (like no third brake light & no fuel cap) and different territory versions (like an EU version of the Vapid Dominator).

Before finish this post, remember to check my current workshop and don't forget to share your ideas there, the only way to make my workshop work is with your participation.

Note: I'm still working on some new improvements so if you find any bug or mistake please report it via Contact Form.