Sunday, April 2

(REQ)(SA) Russian Weapons Pack - Shotgun (April 02, 2017 Updated!)

Edit: First post of the Month and 50th post of the blog! (published while watching WWE Wrestlemania!)

Baikal MP-153, a semi-automatic shotgun which it's the first version was produced since 1997 until 2001 when a new version was released with improvements and fixes, such as a bigger ammunition capacity and the usage of polymers. (This time I bring you the second version of this weapon).

The model comes with the normalmaps compatibility but also with the environment compatibility, this mean you are going to have realistic shadows on the model but also simulated real-time reflections, thanks to DK22pac modification.


Note: in the list, it was supposed that the next part of the pack should be the machineguns but unfortunately the textures of those 3D models were locked or at least I was unable to edit them, so that's why I'm releasing the shotgun.

(click for download)