Saturday, April 8

Announcement - New Project for the Upcoming Season & Blog Improvements (April 09, 2017 Updated!)

Edit: this new post (the 51st) will be the beginning of the new season of the blog.

So, I hope that the reason you're reading this post is because you saw the letter on the Contact Form page, well, if that's not the case, it doesn't matter because I will talk about that once again.

One of the main reasons why I'm not going to accept more requests for a while is basically because I'm out of time with college and such things, so, that's why I want to start a new project with more flexible times and not the stress of knowing that out there is a requester waiting for his (...) request.

This mentioned project is about one of my favorite things of GTA modding and is actually one of the reasons why I've joined the GTA Modding Comunity: Edit and Improve the GTA Vanilla Vehicles.
Yeah, you read it right, just like my friends Automan, M4K3 & GCT are doing it, I will join them.

Since a couple of years started with this, only for personal uses or sometimes caused by the curious of "how could it look this car if I...", so after being working on some "prototypes", to know your thoughts and feelings about my work, I would like to set something; I'm gonna work with the GTA V/O next-gen models, so if you have any "I would like to see this car with..." feeling please send me a message and I will see if I can make it (only realistic stuff, I don't want to make a Mad Max style car).

Another important thing is that I will try to make different versions of the same vehicles, for example, take the Vapid Stainer II and design a Police version, a FIB version, a taxi version, a gangster version, etc. One of my early works was a new version for the Mule, I call it "Maibatsu Mule Pickup" (not so original, right?), check it out:

My work will be and it's always has been as GCT's work, I mean, Automan is my friend but I don't share his design-edition style of their vehicles, so you'll notice that most of my upcoming improved/edited GTA vehicles will be like how GCT does.

Well, to finish this announcement, here I leave you a sneak peak of the first vehicle I'll release here (and also on GTA Inside):

Note: obviously, these new vehicles will be for GTA SA exclusively! 
Note 2: I will probably start my own topic or workshop in GTA Forums so stay tuned there too.
Note 3: the requests that were made before this post, are still on the list to be released.

by the way, as part of the improvements for the blog, here's a changelog:

-updated information in the Contact form page.
-corrected grammar in the Message Answers page.
-updated information in the General Rules banner.
-two new labels were added to the blog: "Updated Posts" & "Frequently Updated Posts".
-some posts with lost pictures were fixed.
-some posts with grammar errors were corrected.
-updated "go to top" arrow button.
-new labels style with animations.