Saturday, March 11

(SA)(REL) Dollar Bills Pickup

I never liked the way the money appears in the GTA series, especially because I've never seen someone walking on the street with a perfectly made dollars package in their pockets. Some people could say: "but Msyterdogg, why you made it like that if people usually have their money in a wallet", well, in-game, sometimes when you kill someone with a lot of money, appears a lot of money pickups so it will be weird if after killing a drug seller, four wallets appears on the ground.

I actually made this in a record time, like 5 minutes, the problem came later trying to take a good or even decent picture; well, I didn't make it and this is the best picture I could take.

(in-game models)

This new money pickup comes with fours bills, from 1 dollar bill to 10 dollars bill. The installation is very simple, just replace the old files inside the "gta3.img" file of your GTA SA or use Modloader instead.

(Click to download)