Sunday, March 26

(REQ)(SA) Russian Weapons Pack - Handguns (April 08, 2017 Updated!)

Edit: this is the last post of march but also the 2017's March has the record as "the month with most posts of the blog history"; 6 posts were published, isn't too much but it's a prove of my commitment with the loyal visitors.

Another week, another part of this huge request; this time I bring you the handguns, four handguns for your enjoyment. As always, they come with the normalmaps compatibility and correct hand-fit; these weapons are adapted to work with the original anims and settings of the game but for some special cases I've added custom weapon data lines for the GSh-18 and the OTs-33 Pernach.

Note: the fourth handgun, the SR-1 Vektor isn't in the pack because while I was finishing it, my Zmodeler stops working and now it seems like it won't work again, so at the moment you can only enjoy three handguns.


(OTs-33 Pernach; ignore the bug with the arm)

(PSM Pistol)

(click for download)