Tuesday, March 14

(REQ)(SA) HESCO Bastion (roadbarrier)(April 09, 2017 Updated!)

Note: I just noticed this is the first post related with a map's object replacement

Our frequent client, Pounc3r requested this via Contact Form (thanks for using it), the HESCO Bastion, basically a road barrier used mostly for military porpuses. He requested a specific model but I preferred to use another one with a better quality, and actually fits really well in-game. The model is from Spec Ops: the line, by the way.

The model comes with the normalmaps compatibility and the same size of the original model he requested to replace. The only "trouble" I had while working on this was the idea of giving it a shadow but unfortunately, I couldn't find the respective .col file. If anyone can find that .col file, I will be more than happy to make the stencil shadow for this model.

(Click to Download)