Saturday, March 25

Reflections on this project - Six years of modding, three years of sharing

Yeah, I know, it's been more than 3 years and this blog is still getting bigger and better, I still can't believe how people accepted this project and now is one of my favorites hobbies; back in 2014 when I decided to make this blog, my original idea was to just share my designs and such stuff like a showroom but never upload something, just being selfish and say to myself "haha you're a very bad person! showing awesome stuff for the game but never give them a link or a try on them" but then I said "sounds funny but that's not me, I will start sharing stuff I already have and then keep working on possible requests"; the first months it was a madness, but well I guess every modder suffers the same in one way or another.

While I was improving the content of the blog, in parallel, I was improving the blog itself, changing its design and adding new features but always testing new things; just like this "2017 design", at the moment looks really cool but I still got some ideas for new improvements, things like and animated header, for example (I won't say all my ideas, otherwise somebody could copy me).

Well, one of the things I like about this project is the fact that there are a few posts that every day got an average of 6 views, in a top 3 we can name the "APS Underwater Rifle" (first post), the "Plane Target System" and "GTA VI, What I want" (I'm always looking how could I improve my old post, and recently I updated the underwater rifle post); those three posts have a lot of views, first one with 654 views, second one with 641 and third one with 326; after that, the fourth post in the top has 170 views, the "Physically unrealistic crashes". It's funny because the underwater rifle can be only used in-land, I still can't find a way to make work underwater, not as I wanted.

Another thing that I'm greatly happy and indebted are the donations, people like you, the so-called GTA fans, your donations as it says in the donation button "it help us to keep working on your dreams", and I know that feel, because before I joined the modding community, I was just a fan with that thought of "damn, I would like to change that but how?" so then I discovered "GTA Inside", the first ever modification I installed in my GTA SA was a WW2 airplane made by SkylineGTRfreak, that changed my mind, and gave me the dream of learning how to do that and every segment of modding of GTA SA, and now after more than 5 years, I can say I'm able to change almost every aspect of the game, on some things I have more ability and for others I'm less good (like on ENBs or any graphic edition) but I still can do some minor changes.

My knowledge about GTA modding get to point where I even help others to find solutions in their modding, especially in GTA Forums where I always try to give the best possible answer (I hope some year I will win the trophy as the most helpful user" or something like that).

You people don't know this but I'm studying "industrial design" at college; this is the perfect career because in class we use tools and software that are really similar to GTA modding tools such as Zmodeler, I'm even learning how to use a software called "Rhinoceros" to start modelling map objects, instead of use "Sketchup".

As a final part of this reflexive post, I would like to say thank you to every GTA fan, visitor and friend that as been part of project called "Mysterdogg, The Original"; and last but not least, coming soon I will probably create a workshop in GTA Forums to share some new ideas I'm currently working on.

Stay tuned and don't forget to the blog because this only exists for your GTA-dreams!

NOTE: I started the blog in September so probably in that month I will be celebrating another "blog-anniversary"... with mysterious releases and such things!