Saturday, November 12

(SA)(REL) Frag Grenade & C4 Bomb (November 13, 2016 Updated!)

UPDATE: the files are now uploaded, check the link at the end of this post!

after the last "Fast Convertion" I said "That was interesting, kinda impulsive, everything calm in the blog and in the blink of an eye, a new upload! you know what? I will make another 'Fast Convertion'" and well, here I am once again with another upload, two explosives from the game Dirty Bomb (thanks to for the models).

In the video you can see in only 30 seconds how I did a fast convertion, but in real time speed it took me just 4 minutes. In the next few hours I will upload a video showing the frag granade convertion.

Here it is, the second part of this pack and fast convertion show, the frag grenade is done and now the final part of this post is about to end; I'll upload the files in a couple of hours. This covertion took me 2 minutes in real time speed.

(Click the picture to download)