Tuesday, November 29

(GUI)(SA) Enhfuncs Enhanced Weapons Adapting Part #1 (April 09, 2017 Updated!)

Unfortunately, I've lost the files of this model so the release can't be possible, and besides, without the model, I can't make the second part of my EnhFuncs tutorial

I was recently check some topics on GTA Forums that I always read, specially looking for troubles or problems with those modifications, well, while I was reading the Enhfuncs - Enhanced Weapons topic I figured out nobody have made a tutorial or guide on how to adapt weapons with this well-kown modification, so as an attempt to help others modders I decided to make this guide, in two parts, first one (this one) is a video showing how to adapt a gun with the most used function, the slidecover function, with Zmodeler2 (I use version 2.9.3); in the second part I will show how to adapt the data settings to make it compatible with the weapon model and also show the weapon in-game working.

Everything (step by step & helpful captions) is inside the video so this post will be really short; watch the video and tell me if you don't understand something.

(First part video)

*Note: if you are uploading something to the web, I highly recommend you to use the song "In Deep" of the game "Red Alert 2", is the best song to wait an upload and, at least to me, it gives me a lot of good memories (I'm hearing it while uploading the video).