Monday, October 17

Procedural Generation Games

Hey everyone, it's Mysterdogg once again with another Gaming Information, this time about one of the best things in videogames, the Procedural Generation. In this oportunity I will just talk about one type of procedural generation, the one used in games such as Minecraft and No Man's Sky.

(Procedural Generation Example)

Most of gamers or people, don't know what it is the procedural generation, well, it's basically the "hability" of the videogames to create (in most of cases) random enviroments following the orders of a logarithm; to make it even more simple, the Procedural Genration is like the Spontaneous Generation.

(Spontaneous Generation)

As I said in at the beginning, games like Minecraft and No Man's Sky are the best examples of this feature, becasue those game have (theorically) infinite maps; maps that are always changing and generating new places, the first authors of this kind of games, said "you will never see the same place again", and well, this actually happens in No Man's Sky for example.

You may now be saying "why videogame designers made this?" well, it's actually pretty simple, nobody wants to design, build & make every aspect of a game, especially if you are making an open world game, so, an algorithm will do the job.

In every open world game you are going to find procedural features, not like the type of procedural generation found in Minecraft but other types like clouds, animals, rubbish. In GTA V, and in every GTA, you can find that type of procedural generation, you can see at the sky and watch the cluds moving and changing, well, that's a procedural generation, even some modifications can make that in GTA SA.

This video is a good example of procedural clouds, remember "you will never see the same (place) cloud again"