Sunday, July 31

(SA) Rusty Melee Weapons #1

Hello everyone, before the "Mysterious Release" I would like to share with you two weapons I've converted for GTA SA a long time ago, the Fire Axe (from Ravaged) & the Wired Baseball Bat (from Payday 2), both in rusty style.

(Zmodeler Render Pic)

All the necessary information is placed in the promo picture up there (and the ReadMe file too) but just in case I will place it here too (more detailed, obviously):

These two weapons comes with the well-known Normalmaps compatibility, the right size and the correct hands fit. The big difference with the previous weapons I've made before is the fact that this weapon pack doesn't come with the specular version, so if you don't wanna play with the normalmaps feature, the weapons will look darker or even "flat", but just in case you wanna have the specular feature on the weapons, the models are unlocked.