Sunday, June 12

(SA) VZ-61 Skorpion w/ Camouflages Pack

Hello visitors, strangers, guests and friends, today I brings you another "camouflaged" pack, this time the VZ-61 Skorpion, instead of write a huge introduction about the history of this weapon (like many modders do actually) just click the hyperlink (the name of the weapon); but anyways, I'm just going to say is a bosnian submachine gun/machine pistol used during the Bosnian War.

(Fold & Unfold Introduction)

I can't say much about this release; as usually, it comes with the Normalmaps compatibility, Enhanced Functions compatibility and his own HQ Icon. Read the info inside the "ReadMe" file to make the gun works better.

And last but not least, comes in two versions (both with the camouflages compatibility): Fold Stock & Unfold Stock; if you use the "Fold" version, you don't need to replace the weapon data lines, but if you want to use the "Unfold" version, you must replace the weapon data lines with the one inside the "ReadMe" file .

(Click the image to see the details)

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