Tuesday, June 14

(SA)(OLD) 2016 3D Models

Hello once again, I'm here today with a new modification, this time a helicopter, the Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Fire Scout, check the picture up next to see the size comparison with a solder and then check the scale in-game, it's really accurate.

(size comparison)

Well, as you can see in the main picture, this modification comes with two available options, "normalmaps" edition & "specular" edition, comes adapted to works with "shadow settings extender" by DK22pac (this means the model doesn't have his own shadow); custom data lines (optional); and custom "chassis_vlo" & custom "collision".

 (click the pictures to see the details)

(specular version pictures - there you can notice the extra part working)


I never liked the way the money appears in the GTA series, especially because I've never seen someone walking on the street with a perfectly made dollars package in their pockets. Some people could say: "but Msyterdogg, why you made it like that if people usually have their money in a wallet", well, in-game, sometimes when you kill someone with a lot of money, appears a lot of money pickups so it will be weird if after killing a drug seller, four wallets appears on the ground.

I actually made this in a record time, like 5 minutes, the problem came later trying to take a good or even decent picture; well, I didn't make it and this is the best picture I could take.

(in-game models)

This new money pickup comes with fours bills, from 1 dollar bill to 10 dollars bill. The installation is very simple, just replace the old files inside the "gta3.img" file of your GTA SA or use Modloader instead.

(Click to download)


Note: I just noticed this is the first post related to a map's object replacement

Our frequent client, Pounc3r requested this via Contact Form (thanks for using it), the HESCO Bastion, basically a road barrier used mostly for military porpuses. He requested a specific model but I preferred to use another one with a better quality, and actually fits really well in-game. The model is from Spec Ops: the line, by the way.

The model comes with the normalmaps compatibility and the same size of the original model he requested to replace. The only "trouble" I had while working on this was the idea of giving it a shadow but unfortunately, I couldn't make a good one.

(Click to Download)