Saturday, June 4

(REQ)(SA) Equipable brassknuckle v1.4 (November 03, 2016 Updated!)

just a few minutes after my "Brassknuckle Remover" CLEO script was accepted in GTA Inside, the user called Junho requested for a new version with a new feature: Remove & Equip the brassknuckle.

Now, because there's always someone that asks me "where are the previous versions?" lets talk about the changelog: the v1.0 & v1.1 were the private betas of the  "Brassknuckle Remover"  (from the previous post), the v1.2 was the first stable release, v1.3 was the new private beta with the requested features, the v1.4 was the stable beta and, finally, the v1.5 is the newest release.

To use it just press the "1" button to equip the brassknuckle and press the "2" button to remove it; this version includes a .INI file where you can change the keys for a more comfortable gameplay.

NOTE: for a properly work of the CLEO script you must get the brassknuckle normally, it won't work if you try to equip it from nowhere (it's really logical, if you got your pockets empty, you can't just put your hand in your pocket and take a brassknuckle).