Friday, June 3

(SA)(GUI)(OLD) Different Options for Brassknuckle

Hello everyone, as part of the new Schedule improvements and changes, all the brassknuckle-related posts will be placed in on a single post here, every post will retain its original download link.

Hello, have you ever said "it's weird to use a weapon while I got the brassknuckle in my right hand... is there any way to remove it without dying in the process (literally)", well I got the answer, actually two ways to remove the brassknuckle.

(Grand Theft Auto V brassknuckle)

The first way is simple editing the weapon.dat file inside the data folder in the main directory of your GTA SA, check the screenshots to see how to do it:

(click the pictures to see the explanation)

The second way, is just adding this CLEO script into your cleo folder and in-game, when you got the brassknuckle equipped, press the "1" button; down there is a short video showing the script working.

GTA SA CLEO Script - Brassknuckle Remover v1.2 by Mysterdogg


just a few minutes after my "Brassknuckle Remover" CLEO script was accepted in GTA Inside, the user called Junho requested for a new version with a new feature: Remove & Equip the brassknuckle.

Now, because there's always someone that asks me "where are the previous versions?" lets talk about the changelog: the v1.0 & v1.1 were the private betas of the  "Brassknuckle Remover"  (from the previous post), the v1.2 was the first stable release, v1.3 was the new private beta with the requested features, the v1.4 was the stable beta and, finally, the v1.5 is the newest release.

To use it just press the "1" button to equip the brassknuckle and press the "2" button to remove it; this version includes a .INI file where you can change the keys for a more comfortable gameplay.

NOTE: for a proper work of the CLEO script you must get the brassknuckle normally, it won't work if you try to equip it from nowhere (it's really logical, if you got your pockets empty, you can't just put your hand in your pocket and take a brassknuckle).


Hello everyone, after a few weeks far from modding because of what I said in the last post, I'm back once again with a new working PC (I still need some new pieces and such things but is working). Before I start releasing the so-awaited requests, I've got a present for you, actually for a guy from GTA Forums that was looking for it.

As the title says, I've found a way to have a brassknuckles in both hands; well all of this started a few days ago when I was reading the newest topics in the 3D era modding section of GTA Forums, a guy (I can't remember his name) was looking for a way to have as he said "2x brassknuckles instead of one", after I read that I started thinking "how could that be possible?" I first thought on make a CLEO Script but I didn't find the appropriate opcodes to do it (I was busy those days), so then I said "I could try to do it via data edition", and here I bring you the result, with a video and all that stuff.

the procedure is very simple, we just have to edit one code inside the weapon.dat file:


After that, just open your game and look for the weapon:

Note: when I was testing this "modification" I suffered some unexpected bugs, most of the time the game just minimized.

Note: this edition is fully compatible with my previous modification "equipable brassknuckles".