Tuesday, May 31

(WiP)(Idea) Raindrops on Vehicles (August 06, 2017 Updated!)

This WiP is now pointless to become a release due to the eventual apparition of the newest SA Directx and probably MMGE 4

Hello there, if you were asking yourself "what was Mysterdogg doing this last days?", well the answer is, as you read it in the title, Raindrops on Vehicles, I get the idea after watch a graphics comparison of the game "Need for Speed"; so, I looked for a raindrop texture in the web and started to adapt some cars and see the results, at the moment is just a texture, I didn´t started with the script modding yet but imagine the possibilities, this feature would be the perfect couple for the next MMGE, the MMGE 3.

NOTE: remember this is just a WiP/Idea, which it means, it is not 100% sure that I'll release a beta or a public version of this modification.

Ain't got something more to say so, check the pictures at the end of this post and if you got any opinion. put it down there.

(the pictures where taken with a cloudy weather)