Monday, December 14

(SA) TEC-9 w/ Camouflages Pack (July 29, 2016 Updated!)

Hello fellow visitors, I introduce you this time an old weapon I made some months ago (actually almost a year ago), the TEC-9; but is not just the weapon, I also included a pack of four camouflages.

NOTE: for those who are waiting fot the light-tank, I got troubles with the turret movement, when I fix it, I´ll upload it, but by the moment, check the galery in next days ´cause I´ll upload some WiP of the vehicle.

 (Click on the pictures to see the details)

(Available camouflages)

The main features are the Enhanced Functions by Junior_Djjr compatibility, specular textures adapted, works with original data settings & anims and his own HQ icon. It just as some bugs but are caused by the original game only, with some changes in the data you can fix it (I didn´t add fixed data lines ´cause it isn´t so necessary).

Mediafire Link! .- TEC-9 w/ Camouflages Pack