Thursday, December 3

(REQ) PKP Spetsnaz w/ Russian Red Camo (April 09, 2017 Updated!)

Hi there, Mukade requested this weapon from Medal of Honor Warfigther and well, although he didn´t follow the rules I decided to make it, but don´t think you can do the same, everybody here must follow the rules.

 (this time, it's just the standard version)
(Partial Russian Red Camouflage)

Lets talk about the weapon itself: comes adapted to work only with the original anims (although, it can work with the Military Anims by Frost) and the original weapon anims. It isn´t compatible with normalmaps plugin ´cause I had some troubles with some textures but maybe if Mukade or someone else want a new version, no problem by me!

As a gift, I've included a partial camouflaged version, actually a russian red camouflage; enjoy it and remember, follow the general rules.