Tuesday, October 13

(REQ) Sawnoff Shotgun Iron Version

It been a long tine ago when I release a modification for GTA SA (recently updated!).

But here is it, finally the requested sawnoff; it´s compatible with Normalmaps Plugin by DK22pac and works with the original anims (maybe with Frost´s anims but I never tested). I found some bugs while I was making the gun but I´m sure I fixed all.

(Click the picture to see better)

It comes opened so everybody who wants to edit it, can do it (just give the credits has the author).
Note: I forget to add the in-game gun icon but don´t worry, I´ll upload a fixed version tomorrow

UPDATE 10/14/2015: I´m waiting the approval of my upload in GTA Inside for the fixed version.

UPDATE 10/15/2015: Here is the fixed version GTA Inside - Fixed Version!