Wednesday, October 21

(WiP) APS Underwater Rifle (March 25, 2017 Updated!)

The update mentioned in the title of the post it's simply just grammar and redaction changes.

I was checking, as always,, and I found a good APS rifle model, I tested and made a playable beta version for GTA SA but what you think about make it public and upload it here? obviously with the Normalmaps plugin compatibility or matFX compatibility, anyways it can only be used on land (GTA SA limitation).

(Real Life Weapon Picture)

(ADS Bullpup Rifle)

Please put your opinion in the comments section down there instead of the shoutbox!

UPDATE 1: I´ll upload the weapon tomorrow after a few guys ask me for the release via inbox.

UPDATE 2: I postponed the upload because I'm having troubles trying to make it (the CLEO Script) work correctly how I would like, anyways, the weapon itself works very well with the normalmaps & the weapon data lines.

UPDATE 3: I will add the ADS Rifle to this project. I´m still working on the size of the gun but it´s almost ready. And I can´t make the CLEO Script work properly, I´m thinking on upload both guns and some day upload a working version of the "underwater shot".

Update 4: I still can't believe this one of the most viewed posts of the blog (actually THE most viewed); with an average of 9 visits per day this post has more than 600 views (654 views and counting)!