Wednesday, September 23

New Intel PC Build

Hi fellas, before I upload the last requested modifications, I´ll talk about the new PC Build I´m working on as a gift for my brother in Christmas. You may gonna say "why is Mysterdogg telling us about a PC build instead of upload something?" or any other questions, well the answer is very simple, I´m talking about this PC build because is an useful thing to anybody who want to make his own build, you know, get some tips and experience knowledge.

My brother spend most of his time in front of the PC playing videogames instead of make his homework so I´ll make a basic-medium end Gamer PC Build for him.

I decided to make an Intel based PC build because it got more Mini ITX size piece availibles, and obviously because I got an AMD based PC build; anyways, lets check the components:

For the case I decided to use the Cooler Master Elite 130, a Mini ITX case for starter gamers or for anyone who like mini PC builds like me. Although is very large (like 37cm from the front to the back), the height is very low (like 22cm or less from the bottom to the top, I can´t remember right now). It got a lot of HDD/SSD bays and many bay settings, for example, you can put one HDD in the bottom of the case and two SSD in the optical bay. One of the thinks I like of this case is the opportunity to put a water cooling system in the front panel giving me the option to use a water cooling system instead of the stock CPU fan nad keep with enough space inside. The PSU goes in the top/back of the case over the mother board, it doesn´t look so good but is a very good solution to maximise the space. And as I said before, the case just support a mini ITX mother board.

For the CPU I selected the Intel Pentium G-3250. This CPU is design has a low cost version of the Intel I-3 processor, in brenchmark the two processors are very similar but with the different the Pentium CPU got a low cost. It´s destinated to basic-medium end Gamer PCs.

For the memory I will use the mine from my PC build: two Kingston HyperX Fury Blue 4gb DDr3 1600mHz (and then I´ll upgrade the mine with two Kingston HyperX Fury Red 4gb DDr3 1866mHz). This set is one of the best for this kind of PC builds because the memories got a good performance and cost/value.

For the HDD I select one hard disc because he just use the PC to play videogames; I selected the Western Digital Caviar Blue 7200rpm 1tb. everybody knows the SSD devices are the bests but by the moment I don´t want to buy one (maybe the next year, when the cost/value change for anohter one more rentable).

For the PSU I selected the Zalman ZM600 GLX w/ 80+ certification. Why I select this one? because it got a good wattage and certification, and the years by years Zalman quality garantee.

UPDATE: I change the PSU for an EVGA 430w w/ 80+ certification because after I calculated the neccesary watts, the Zalman was to much (I still think the ZAmlan is very good).

And finally for the water cooling I´ll use the mine, an Antec Kuhler h2o 650; it´s very good and give me low temperatures but is to big, so it doesn´t fit properly in my case that´s why I will put in my brother´s PC.

Experience Tips: I recomend to use Mini ITX builds because the components are less expensive but you need to find a good set.

Most of the Mini ITX builds are design for gamers so it is recomender to use one of this as a work station os something like that.

I recomend to use a custom water cooling system if is posible because the airflow (at least in this case) it isn´t so good as in the mine (Thermaltake Core v1)