Tuesday, August 25

GTA VI, What I Want (April 08, 2017 Updated!)

Well, first of all, this is not what I want in the next GTA, this is what, actually, I want in the upcoming GTA games. But, anyways, to make it easier, I'll talk about GTA VI.

(fan made logo)

First of all, we all know that Rockstar Games is already working on the next part of the saga (since every five years a new GTA is released), it will be called GTA VI/6 or like Vice City & San Andreas (and also Liberty City) will have the name of a city; anyways, we all going to call it GTA VI by the moment.

A very important characteristic of the GTA saga (especially the HD & Next Gen), are the vehicles (well, the name "Grand Theft Auto" says all); for example, anyone can see the Annihilator and recognize it or the Bravado Banshee or the iconic motorbike, the Maibatsu Sanchez. Why I say this?, because the next GTA need that cars and many others, to make us think is the same universe of the previous GTAs; for example, in GTA IV appears the Dinka Utility Blista and in GTA V/O appears the Dinka Blista Compact, the same car but different models, this give us the idea of a progressive universe (and I'm talking about the background universe, not a procedural one like "No Man's Sky" with a physically changing universe).

(GTA IV Annihilator)

in this case, the changes from the GTA IV to the GTA O Annihilator are mostly, model improvements and more details like for example in the rotor.

(GTA O Annihilator)

I would definitely love to see different versions fo the Annihilator, just like they did with the Cargobob, with differents liveries, extra parts, other usages and such things)

(GTA IV Maibatsu Sanchez)

.-A curious info about this motorbike is the fact that always was Maibatsu the manufacturer of the bike but just in the HD/Next Gen universe appears with the manufacturer´s name in-game (this applies to most of the vehicles in the serie).

.-Another example of "tradition" is the return of classic GTA vehicle designs, like the Grotti Turismo Classic, the Annis Elegy Retro and so others too.

(Annis Elegy Retro Custom; the return of the GTA SA Elegy)

So, vehicles are a very important part of the game, especially if they keep the continuity of the previous version models, but always are exceptions that personally I wouldn´t like to see in the next GTA, like the Mammoth Hydra, it´s like a modded P-996 Lazer and it supposed to be the GTA version of the Harrier like in GTA SA.

(planes comparison)

(in my opinion, the Mammoth Hydra from GTA O looks more like a mixture between the Jobuilt P-996 Lazer & the Lockheed F-35 Lightning II than the HD version of the Hydra from GTA SA, this is also wrong because in one of the Heists missions we know that the Hydra is an old plane, but the design is basically the same from the F-35 as i said before)

The weapons, just like the vehicles, (fire guns, melee guns & special guns) are one of the most important parts of the saga specially because we use it every second in the game; but here I'm gonna take a minute to explain which weapons I would prefer to see in the next GTA: basically, a diversity of weapons but not like GTA V with only new or high cost weapons, I also want "poor weapons" like a sawnoff shotgun (for the gangs or criminals)(although, Rockstar is doing a good job adding new type of weapons in GTA O), dirty guns like cutted pistols & modded AK and war era weapons selled in the "black market". keyword: Diversity. (in GTA EfLC: TLaD, they did a great job with the weapons, it perfectly fitted with the atmosphere and the style of the characters, and now with the GTA O; Bikers Update, those weapons are back and are even better).

.-an interesting fact about weapons in GTA V is that the RPG is a united staten weapon but in the previous games was, like in real life, a Russian weapon.

Lets continue with the pedestrians (peds); well in this part of the game, I can´t say much because the appearance of any ped depends on the place where is based the game; anyways, just as a tip I would like to see more pets in the streets and kids & child but only in cutscenes or without the possibility to interact with them like in the Uncharted saga.

The anims. Many guys says the GTA V & GTA O anims are the best ever made; but they forget, for example, about the fighting style of Niko Bellic in GTA IV, the Krav Magá; another curious info about anims is that the anims from GTA IV were the most realistic of the world in 2009, winning a Guinness World Record. In GTA V-O we see a Brawling fighting style, like the one we see in True Crime: NYC. I know what you're thinking: "Mysterdogg loves GTA IV that's why he say that" well that true but remember this post is my opinion and talking about opinion, in the next GTA, I would like to see different fighting anims like a martial art, maybe Kungfu or Karate, and also differents fight styles for pedestrians, like some modifications do for GTA SA.

The map. I seriously would like to see a new version of Las Venturas; with the casinos and the dessert and so many other thinks, thats made that city and state so cool. Obviously, if the game is in Las Venturas, the history most be related with the casinos like a main character with the hability to read the cards.

With the newest game engines, and engine updates, the next GTA could have more destroyable places, in other words, a dynamic environment, even better than the Battlefield saga style

And last but not least, the main characters, the protagonists. The next GTAs must have more than one protagonist or in another way, three different moments in the life of a person like chapters, one when child/teenager, another one when adult and the last one when older. I really would like to see a girl as a protagonist, if people request for equality before all, then give them a female character.

(the "female" Trevor)

Note: this post is always being updated so, check it periodically.