Friday, July 31

Requirements - Three High-End Games of 2015 (July 29, 2016 Updated!)

Hi guys, I'm back (again) but this time to bring you the requirements (just the recomended) of three PC games and the "why" of that requirements. let the game begins!

Note: the other requirements like Sound Card or Operating System are irrelevants.

GTA V: (released on April), well, everybody likes this game and whatever it is the reason why, if the games comes to PC we want it but not always our PCs support this kind of games, lets check the requirements.

Procesor.- Intel Core i5 3470 (I prefer AMD processors but talking about cost, this is better)
Storage.- 65gb - 70gb (I recomender a 240gb SSD)
RAM.- 6gb - 8gb (that's not too much for a Sandbox game)
Video Card.- Nvidia 9800 GT 1gb or AMD HD-7870 2gb (it isn´t so much for graphics)

Now, the secondary requirements: 18 - 21 years old (because it got high adult content in comparation with the preview GTA series); Internet Access (for GTA Online: but now, every game needs that).

The Witcher 3: (released on may), ain´t play this game because I really don´t like this kind of games but I can say "if you want a realistic & realism game, this myth, fantastic and medieval game is your choice"; requirements.

Procesor.- Intel Core i7 3770 or AMD FX-8350 (you should prefer the AMD one)
Storage.- 40gb - 50gb (for this kind of games, use a magnetic disk with 7200 rpm)
RAM.- 6gb - 8gb (thanks to the graphics)
Video Card.- AMD Radeon R9 290 (so much, anyways, this game was made to work with AMD things, and they need to sell their products)(I've played this with my Nvidia GTX 950 on ultra settings without problems)

Now, the secondary requirements16 - 18 years old, maybe 36 years old like a friend mine. Read the saga of the Witcher (are a lot).

Update: I've played this game on my computer,  and although I don't like middle age themed games, this one got one of my favorite things, realism (as I said previously). A good game very similar with the book, Mysterdogg's Choice!

Batman AK: (released on juny), I really like the superheroes games (most DC than Marvel) but specially this one (and his preview games), my favorite superheroe is Batman so I want this game, although, sometimes it reminds me the movie Batman Forever. alright! the requirements.

Procesor.- Intel Core i7 3770 (very expensive)
Storage.- 45gb - 60gb (like GTA V, a SSD one)
RAM.- 8gb - 12gb (but after 8gb of RAM the change is minimal)
Video Card.- Nvidia GTX 760 or higher (design it to work with Nvidia graphics, just to be save)(not too much for a video card rerquieriement)

Now, the secondary requirements16 - 17 years old;  Internet Access (not too much).

Hint: always (if you´re using Windows) update to the lastest version every software like Framework, DirectX, Chrome.

Hint: some games, have requirements that are not 100% real, sometimes a game should work with another components, less expensive ones or with not so higher settings (specially the video cards).

 I hope you liked this section and be waiting for another post like this (if you want it, obviously).