Tuesday, July 28

(OLD) Physically Unrealistic Crashes In GTA V (May 2015, Updated!)

When I played for the first time GTA V (PS3)...

I've evaluated the characteristics of car crashes; what I discovered was that most of the car crashes were unreal, for example, when I crashed into another car, my car didn't suffer much damage (and the NPC driver usually dies), but that was okay (seriously), what it really annoyed me was when hitting large animals such as deers or cattles my car remained intact.

(Example of an unreal crash)

We all know what happens with our car when we hit a big animal (obviously in real life), our car is damaged and, well, we ended up very hurt. But in GTA V the hit is limited just to a blood splatter.

I don't what you guys think but I personally dislike a lot this "feature", I don't know what was the purpose of doing it like that or why the damage system was so reduced from GTA IV.