Wednesday, October 21

(SA)(OLD) Underwater Weapons Pack (May 15, 2018 Updated!)

Hello everyone, as part of the new Schedule improvements and changes I've decided to combine all three posts about my "Underwater Weapons Pack" in one single post. Here you will find the original download link.

I was checking, as always,, and I found a good APS rifle model, I tested it and made a playable beta version for GTA SA but what you think about making it public and upload it? obviously with the Normalmaps plugin compatibility or matFX compatibility, anyways it can only be used on land (GTA SA limitation).

(Real Life Weapon Picture)

(ADS Bullpup Rifle)

Both weapons come with its own HQ icon and custom settings to use the slidecover function with Enhanced Functions by Junior_Djjr.

Wednesday, October 14

(OLD) GTA V Features You Think Are New (April 16, 2018 Updated!)

Hello visitors now, I´ll talk about what features of GTA V you think (especially the newest GTA-Serie Fans) are only of GTA V (I only got a few ones but eventually I will add some more).

Blimp: many players think the blimp in GTA V is only available in the last GTA, but actually, it was added by first time in GTA Vice City. The only variable was that in GTA VC, the Blimp was an object in the sky without collision but in GTA V, the blimp is a driveable aircraft.

In-Air Car Control: When a lot of players used by first time this feature, they never remember that this was a feature presented in GTA SA; there were only a few changes between the original and the new version, in the original version you just can do one movement in the air but in the new version you can do whatever you want before you touch the ground. Try it and you´ll see what I´m talking about!

Freefall: Well, in GTA V this feature can be specially used via cheat but also can be used when you fall down from an aircraft. But some players don´t know this feature was presented by first time in GTA IV & EfLC; the only change was the use of a mixture with ragdoll settings and animations.

Animals: GTA IV was the first game of the saga with interactive animals, the pigeons (flying rats); but GTA V was the first game with lots of interactive animals, such as pigs, dogs, cougars, cows, deers & sharks. (in the 3D era we got a sort of animals that are actually part of the map, like the submarine life in GTA SA or the flying birds that share their textures with the clouds).

Petrolcaps: some users noticed that in GTA V we can't shoot to the cars on their petrol cap because they just don't have one but the truth is, this is (as most of the features of the games) a feature of the previous game, GTA IV; I'm not sure if this is a bug, a mistake by the creators or simply an unrealistic feature.

Crash Damage on Walls: a few days ago I was playing GTA Online with a friend and he said "oh look! the walls suffer damage when you hit them, I'm sure is the first GTA that has that!" so I said, "yeah, but that's a previous GTA feature, they keep using it because is great".

Lazlow: yeah, some people think Lazlow, the character in the GTA V history mode, is a new character, but he has been in the GTA series for quite a while, since the 3D era; the only difference from previous appearances is that in GTA V is the first time he actually appears in person, in the previous times we can only hear his voice (like in the GTA IV add in the radio). (This is caused because Lazlow is a real person, he is one of the creators of the GTA series).

This are the features I remember now but eventually, I will add more, if you got one just tell me.

Tuesday, October 13

(SA)(OLD) 2015 Weapons Pack

Hello everyone, as part of the new Schedule improvements and changes, I've decided to use a single post for every weapon-related post released back in 2015, with the exception of the Underwater Weapons Pack. Every weapon has its original download link.


It has been a long time ago when I release a modification for GTA SA (recently updated!).
But here is it, finally, the requested sawn-off; it´s compatible with Normalmaps Plugin by DK22pac and works with the original anims (maybe with Frost´s anims but I never tested). I found some bugs while I was making the gun but I´m sure I fixed all.

(Click the picture to see better)

It comes opened so everybody who wants to edit it, can do it (just give the credits has the author).
Note: I forget to add the in-game gun icon but don´t worry, I´ll upload a fixed version tomorrow

Here is the fixed version GTA Inside - Fixed Version!


I can´t say much about this weapon because I really don´t like it, I prefer the USAS-12 or the AA-12.

Anyways, I do my best to bring you a detailed request with the respective requirements, you know, the camouflage; I fixed a bug in the stock and now it works fine with the original anims & Linevariy´s anims (maybe with Frost´s anims too but I don´t know).

Now some pictures of the in-game gun:

(Close Look)

You want it? Here it is!


Here is it, just a request and a gift, enjoy it & don´t kill too many cops with this men toys.
It comes with Normalmaps compatibility, his own weapon data settings, and an HD icon. Somes thinks to know before using the gun: I configured the gun to work as the camera or the minigun, I mean, you can crouch to shoot & the data line for the M60 is partially compatible with the M249.

(no ENB on Picture, I can´t make it work)

Notes: about the new compressed format, I´m using an open source compressor that is very good but it compresses on .7z format, anyways, most of the decompressors read this format but be careful.


I had this weapon for many months but I forget to upload it, what can I say about this, it comes with Normalmaps compatibility and his own weapon data line.

MK-110 Download Link!


(fit in hands)

I was working very hard on the weapon data line but I can´t fix the shooting bug because I noticed is an anim bug and ain´t got time to change the anim, anyways, the weapon works very well, it fits well (most of the time) and has the normalmaps compatibility.

(Normalmaps working)

Just ignore the anim bugs; please read the ReadMe file before asking for fixed versions.
You know, the battlefield weapon models don´t fit well on GTA SA atmosphere they look like toys but it doesn´t matter.

M-26 M.A.S.S. (v14) Download Link!


Hi there, Mukade requested this weapon from Medal of Honor Warfigther and well, although he didn´t follow the rules I decided to make it, but don´t think you can do the same, everybody here must follow the rules.

 (this time, it's just the standard version)

(Partial Russian Red Camouflage)

Let's talk about the weapon itself: comes adapted to work only with the original anims (although, it can work with the Military Anims by Frost) and the original weapon anims. It isn´t compatible with normalmaps plugin ´cause I had some troubles with some textures but maybe if Mukade or someone else wants a new version, no problem by me!

As a gift, I've included a partial camouflaged version, actually a Russian red camouflage; enjoy it and remember, follow the general rules.

Mediafire Download! - PKP Spetsnaz w/ Russian Red Camo


Hello fellow visitors, I introduce you this time an old weapon I made some months ago (actually almost a year ago), the TEC-9; but is not just the weapon, I also included a pack of four camouflages.

NOTE: for those who are waiting for the light-tank, I got troubles with the turret movement, when I fix it, I´ll upload it, but by the moment, check the gallery in next days ´cause I´ll upload some WiP of the vehicle.

 (Click on the pictures to see the details)

(Available camouflages)

The main features are the Enhanced Functions by Junior_Djjr compatibilityspecular textures adapted, works with original data settings & anims and his own HQ icon. It just as some bugs but are caused by the original game only, with some changes in the data you can fix it (I didn´t add fixed data lines ´cause it isn´t so necessary).

Mediafire Link! .- TEC-9 w/ Camouflages Pack
GTA Inside Link! .- the same compressed file but in other cloud servers


(Standard Version)

The AKS-74u with some available camouflages like the (frictional) Dessert Tiger, the Southafrican Woodland & Belgian Jigsaw. This time the weapon just come with his own weapon data lines, HQ weapon icon and specular textures; I recommend to use this weapon with a high contrast weather modification, like the one from ENB X by MartyMcfly.

Note: click on the pictures to see the details.

(Belgian Jigsaw)

(Dessert Tiger)

(Southafrican Woodland)

Tuesday, August 25

(OLD) GTA VI, What I Want (May 16, 2018 Updated!)

Well, first of all, this is not what I want in the next GTA, this is what, actually, I want in the upcoming GTA games. But, anyways, to make it easier, I'll talk about GTA VI.

(fan made logo)

Friday, July 31

(PC)(OLD) High-End Games vol.1 (May 13, 2018 Updated!)

Hi guys, I'm back (again) but this time to bring you the requirements (just the recommended) of three PC games and the "why" of that requirements. let the game begin!

Note: the other requirements like Sound Card or Operating System are irrelevant.

GTA V: (released on April), well, everybody likes this game and whatever it is the reason why, if the games come to PC we want it, but not always our PCs support this kind of games, let's check the requirements.

Tuesday, July 28

(OLD) Physically Unrealistic Crashes In GTA V (May 2015, Updated!)

When I played for the first time GTA V (PS3)...

I've evaluated the characteristics of car crashes; what I discovered was that most of the car crashes were unreal, for example, when I crashed into another car, my car didn't suffer much damage (and the NPC driver usually dies), but that was okay (seriously), what it really annoyed me was when hitting large animals such as deers or cattles my car remained intact.

(Example of an unreal crash)

We all know what happens with our car when we hit a big animal (obviously in real life), our car is damaged and, well, we ended up very hurt. But in GTA V the hit is limited just to a blood splatter.

I don't what you guys think but I personally dislike a lot this "feature", I don't know what was the purpose of doing it like that or why the damage system was so reduced from GTA IV.