Wednesday, June 27

(News) GTA Online New Update: Latest Information

Hello everyone, before beginning with this new post, I would like to apologize for my absence last week, I was passing for a really bad personal moment and I just left everything because of that, my studies, my family, my friends, my nutrition, my habits... my hobbies. But well, the worst ended and I'm feeling better so today decided to make a come back to the blog with new and probably the last post about the newest GTA Online update: Nightclubs.


Friday, June 15

(OotW) Mad Driver's Vehicles

This week's Original is going to be about, as he says, "one of world famous modder and car convertor for GTA SA", well his introduction has some minor mistakes but without being a "grammar nazi", we can say without doubts that Mad Driver is the best car modder for GTA SA since his beginnings in 2012. (Check the Bonus at the end of this post!)


Wednesday, June 13

(News) GTA Online New Update: Even More Speculation

Hello, everyone, today I got some more information and/or rumors about the next awaited new update of GTA Online; Speculation and logic says that every time we are about to get a big or expensive update, Rockstar Games give us Doble money rewards on Heist missions, so, let's talk about that today! (at the end of this post you will find an extra news)


Friday, June 8

(OotW) Coutt & Schutz Used Cars

This time I want to talk about something a bit different, instead of picking just one of his vehicles, I want to talk about his whole workshop since I think it deserves more than just a quick or selected appreciation post. So, by saying that, hello everyone, I'm Mysterdogg and today's Original's of the Week is no other than, as it says in the title, Coutt & Schutz Used Cars: Workshop.