Monday, April 17

(WiP)(Proj)(SA) Vapid Slamvan Log #1

Hello people, after some days, actually weeks working in the first vehicle of the new project, I have some troubles or doubts about how to finish it; my main doubts are related to the damage; I'm not a big fan of vehicles with temporary damaged parts because besides of the well-known poor GTA SA damage system, the game engine itself has a lot of limitations, so I have four possible solutions, first one is release the car (and all the others) without damageable parts, just like my long time released Airtug; my second option is to make a fake damage body hidden in the model, like some modders do; my third option is to make a default damage, as the vanilla vehicles; and my last option is to make a simple damage, probably just the windows and add some scratches.

Well, before finish this post, please check these pictures of the WiP Vapid Slamvan:

(these pictures are meant to show the three different color preset for the vehicle; originally the model was designed to have two tones, but now I've added a third one; you can also see some of the extra parts working)