Wednesday, March 15

(REQ)(SA) Russian Weapons Pack - Melee Guns

Back once again this week, I recently finished a part of the huge Lynx's request; today I brings you three Russian knifes to choose, the Spetsnaz Machete, the Soviet Bayonet 6x4 and the Combat Knife OC-04. All of this with the normalmaps compatibility and scaled at the same dimensions of the original GTA SA knife.

(Combat Knife OC-04)

(Soviet Bayonet 6x4)

(Spetsnaz Machete)

As part of this huge weapon pack, the next edition will be the granades. (in consecutive order: first conversion were the melee weapons, then will be the granades, handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, snipers, Machine guns and finally assault rifles; eight parts, probably).

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