Monday, February 6

Announcement - troubles and inconvenients (March 16, 2017 Updated!)

Hello people, this past weekend while I was working in some of the GTA Inside requests and some Blog requests, my PC (my desktop PC) get infected with a virus, I tried whatever I could to eliminate it but unfortunately, my computer didn't survive; the virus attacked some of my Softwares such as the Zmodeler (in this case, I don't like to use pirate versions, so I must buy a new license) and the OpenIV and I lost them. The good news is I have successfully rescued some of my folders, including my GTA files and most of my personal files.

The bad thing is that most of the requests I was working on are gone, so, if you don't see your request on the blog in the next days, is because is one of the "gone ones". Another problem is about the performance of my computer, I'm in need of a new upgrade, a new motherboard with a new CPU and I don't have enough money to buy both, so, if you people can help me, I will be able to work better, more efficient and "multitask" your requests and such things (well, I mainly use my desktop PC to work in my job and college, so I really need it), and yeah, I will be really thankful; I don't know, I could pay back your help with a mysterious release I was thinking about (actually working on with my brother and others friends).

At the moment I'm working on my laptop to release a few requests before fix or upgrade my computer. For those who are interested in the next releases I'm still working on are:

-Russian Weapon Pack - Melee guns; as requested by Lynx Note: I will release this huge request in a couple of parts because of the previously mentioned reasons. DONE

-Cam Shake - v2.1; requested in GTA Inside, is basically a few fixes and improvements/addons in my CLEO Script. DONE

-Nambu Type 14 handgun; requested by Tango, although he requests more weapons, as part of a Japanese weapon pack, this is actually the only model I have to work on.