Friday, January 27

Announcement - 2017's new improvements and releases (April 09, 2017 Updated!)

After the Holiday Spirit, I was really busy but soon I will start to release the Christmas gifts; the gifts are mainly CLEO Script updates and new weapon models.

As part of the improvements for the blog, I bring you the "Message Answers" page recently released, there you will find the answers to your messages previously sent via "Contact Form". I've already answered a couple of messages I received the last month.

I have two video channels on the web, the Youtube channel as the main channel, where you will find all of my videos and the Dailymotion channel where you will only find modification releases (it's mainly a backup channel for my videos).

And please use the Shoutbox to comment or suggest ideas related to the posts, don't use it to request new modifications sharing URLs or links there, use the (as I always say) Contact Form instead. NO LONGER POSSIBLE, CHECK UPDATE 2

UPDATE: well, as part of the every-year-improvements, I'm gonna be changing and implementing some new banners and label styles on the blog to make it look better and more stylized. DONE

UPDATE 2: since today, the shoutbox will disappear, since all the requests are coming from the
"Contact Form", the shoutbox is unnecessary; in the future please use the contact form to request new content or you can also contact me via GTA Inside or GTA Forums. I will work in a more intuitive and more easy-to-use "Contact Form", well not just that, also the entire blog.

Stay tunned and ready for the next posts!