Friday, October 13

Announcement - Modding Break

Hello people, due to not enough time for spending in my hobbies such as modding, I'm taking a break from it for a few months; my real life "problems" are more important than other things, so I need to focus on my college exams and my personal life.

If everything goes fine, I'll be returning in December to keep with my workshop and the blog. I'll be may still active in my IG account but just sharing some minor progress with the Workshop stuff.

Farewell, People and don't worry, I'll be back!

Friday, August 25

Anouncement - Mod Stealers

Hello people, today I want to post something different, something  I don't talk too much but that I'm always looking forward, stealers; the people that have visited my GTA Inside's Userpage, could see that I have a list of the successfully reported stolen modifications, I've reported a lot more than that but Alex (GTA Inside's administrator) not always accept my reports or probably he is too busy with the webpage, well, let's finish this introduction by saying that I'm a guy that respect others work so the last thing I can do for them is simple report stealers if I find any, always looking for keeping real authors attributions.

A few years ago I won a "battle" against Ziggy Yardie, a Youtuber, about stolen mods; he was uploading DK22pac's modifications under his attribution and even using a lot of Url shorteners in the download links. I first talked with him via private message saying that he must include author's names in the description of his videos and not monetize with others work, he ignored me and kept doing it, more people reacted as me and at the end, Youtube delete his account two times till he, with his third account, accepted our suggestions and added the corresponding credits in his videos.

Well, today I was looking for a good map modification for GTA SA to take some pictures of the vehicles I'm working on and other stuff, while looking I found this, what sparked my interest in that modification was that two, practically, new GTA SA modders made a really complicated, fully functional & unbelievable modification without help from experienced modders. I proceeded to download it and one of the documents stored inside said (textually) "Could not upload to gtainside because the server only allows (max 256mb) and the mod weighs double (500mb)... sorry.", ignoring the poor English, a tactic used my stealers to avoid being reported is upload a ReadMe file with a download link instead of directly upload the (stolen) modification (not in every case, of course, I've myself done this tactic but with another purpose: make my blog public); from the other side, real modders, whenever we have that kind of problem (upload size limit), we divide the modification into two parts or more and then we upload it in GTA Inside, simple right?

So, I went to that link mentioned in the ReadMe file and it was a video of a guy speaking in Spanish about something irrelevant and placed the (supposedly) download link in the description, I went to that link and the surprise was that a girl was the co-author of this modification, and even if women are present in games modding, it really makes me doubt even more that those two YouTubers made that modification. my surprise was even bigger when reading the comments of the video, I found Junior Djjr (my friend and known modder) saying the same I'm talking about now.

This week I've reported a new user in GTA Forums that was spamming with unnecessary messages in a lot of old already answered topics, with messages like "I'm here if you need me" or "yes, that mod does that"; that's simply a waste of time, and not only because are answered topics, but also because he is not being helpful; all his messages on those topics where deleted by the administrator after my request.

Think about this, they upload a document with a link for one of their videos, in that video the redirect you to another video of another user, to finally give the real download link; I made a quick research in their channels and now I can tell you that they are doing all of this (stealing other's job) to gain followers, they just wanna be famous quickly.

Stealing is the worst thing you can do for being famous on the internet, because later or sooner someone will tell the truth, and this time, I'm not the only one, there are others that feel the same and don't want to be calm till those people react and stop what they're doing; by stealing our work, they will only produce what everyone hates, locked mods, no more open sources mods, no more modding communities, because there are stealers that using our hard work, get what they want, earned by lies.

I invite you to check the users I'm talking about, two Peruvian Youtubers that have stolen or at least used (without authors permission), if I'm not wrong, 4 modifications made by others, including YourCreatedhell's Work, [player] Michelle's Work, Ezekiel's Work.

Before finishing, please don't spam their videos with insulting or hateful comments, instead of that, go and report them, and do the same in GTA Inside and wherever they've uploaded those files. I've already reported their uploads in GTA Inside hoping that Alex will remove them.

(Workshop)(Proj) Bravado Gauntlet Preview #2

(ENB Z on ultra settings)

Another preview before its release, this time some pictures at night... Coming to San Andreas shortly.

*Model in final stage development, final release may change from its current design as seen in pictures & videos*

Sunday, August 20

(Workshop)(Proj) Bravado Gauntlet Preview #1

A short preview of the upcoming beast to San Andreas...

Remember to check my Workshop to stay tuned for all the news and updates about new releases and announcements.

Sunday, August 13

(SA)(REL) Police Flashlight

Another weapon from my "weapons for release" folder, if I'm not wrong, I found this weapon in GameBanana and even Crowz616 used; so the only differences between Crowz616's version and mine are normalmaps compatibility and unlocked files.

Thursday, August 10

(SA)(REL) Police Baton

New weapon for your game, I always wonder why we don't have more weapons for the nightstick replacement, so I made this. This weapon comes from my "weapons for release" folder, a folder I created long time ago to store all the weapons I've made before the opening of the blog, so expect more releases from that folder, I have a couple of more weapons there.

Monday, August 7

(SA)(REQ) StG-44 Light Assault Rifle (August 07, 2017 Updated!)

2015's "posts mark" supered!

(quick in-game picture showing the normalmap textures working)

Hello once again, Delta99 requested a few days ago this weapon, today I had free time so quickly converted it to GTA SA.

Incoherences in the HD & NG Universe of GTA (August 13, 2017 Updated!)

.-HD & NG: High Definition and Next Generation Universes (GTA IV, GTA V & GTA O)

Hello people, as I said in my previous post, the announcement, in my current workshop I will fix and solve some of the incoherences in vehicles from GTA V, but before that, I want to make a post having a further look into those errors or mistakes of the game.

+No Fuel Cap (we have some exceptions): most of the vehicles in GTA V doesn't have a fuel cap, so instead of shooting them "there", we have to shoot them at one side of the rear left wheel. I don't know if that was done on purpose or they just forget about it and then looking for a quick solution leave it as it is now. But, we've got some exceptions to this mistake, some trucks or similar vehicles with an uncovered fuel tank can explode if we shoot them, and we also got some cars like the Declasse Mamba, similar to its real counter part, it has a big metallic fuel cap close to the boot.

+No Iconic/Neccesary Turn lights: the previously mentioned car, the Declasse Mamba, doesn't have front turn lights, and that's illogic thinking is a legal street vehicle in-game. Actually, most of the vehicles in the game doesn't have either front turn lights or rear turn lights and even if we can't use them, the NPCs use them and that gives a lot of realism to the game. Some vehicles even have like 6 different fog lights but none turn lights.

+No/Missing Badges: Rockstar has been adding a lot of new vehicles since 2014, and something that calls my interest are the missing badges or actually the usage of the same badge for a lot of cars (this also happens with the lights texture). This can be mainly noticed in motorcycles, most of them just have a few badges or even none, a good example is the Dinka Enduro. Another good example is the Vapid Dominator, if you change the front grille with the second variant, the front badge disappears.

+Non Usable Lights: as I said, some vehicles have a lot of fog lights, but are unusable; vehicles like the Canis Mesa Merryweather, the Coil Brawler or the Benefactor Dubsta, come or have a big amount of fog lights, in the front bumper or on the roof, but as I said are unusable, their only purpose it seems to be is for making the vehicle looks stronger or only as a decorative thing.

+No Taxi Service In Blaine County: well I know we can call a taxi from every point of the map but you never see a taxi driving on the streets of Blaine County; in GTA IV, (even if we have only two types of taxis) if you are in Algonquin, you will see the Cabbie taxi, that only appears there. If Rockstar added different Ambulances and Police units, why didn't they do the same with taxis?

+Half-Track Vehicle: is really strange that Rockstar used a classic pickup truck to make what they call "a modern anti-aircraft vehicle". Half-Tracks are discontinued military vehicles now, their only use now is for farming or similar stuff.

+Amphibious APC: one of the new innovations is the addition of an amphibious APC, but the main doubt here is, where are the marine propellers?; another big doubt is, why it has turn lights? (...) what is Rockstar thinking while designing new vehicles? although military vehicles in real life indeed have turn lights and a complete lights system for street usage, why other vehicles in-game such as the previously mentioned don't have them?

+Hide/No Visible Fuel Tank: this one is related with "no fuel cap", because most of the vehicles in-game doesn't have a fuel tank, and even if you can produce a fuel leak by shooting on the side, where does that fuel comes from?, if you check the underbody of any vehicle, you will see that there is nothing more than a generic low-poly design. I really wonder if Rockstar will ever change that, by adding a more customizable engine block, covered underbodies for off-road vehicles and such things. We have, as always, some exceptions, and in this case, our exception is the Pfister 811.

Note: This post is always being updated so check it periodically

Sunday, August 6

Announcement - New Improvements of the Year (August 06, 2017 Updated!)

First post of the month!

Hey everyone, today I was improving, as you could notice, the blog, changing some stuff and moving some things from one place to another, that's the case of the "General Rules" section, it is now placed along side the other labels of the blog and has its own page inside the blog. The main goal of this new improvements is to have a more minimalistic but always keeping the essence of the "original" blog.

Talking about the blog itself, we have supered the mark of 17 posts of 2016, and we are on our way to do the same with the mark of 19 posts of 2015, there's a lot of new stuff and releases we are working on, and I say "we" because I'm currently working with some friends, real life friends and modding friends, but well, you have already figured that out with the last post, where I made some improvement on two Junior Djjr's modifications.

And now if somebody is wondering what is going on with my workshop on GTA Forums, the answer is "I'm just too busy to keep it active, but my work there will continue, more sporadic but will be worth the wait"; I'm working on some vehicle ideas such as new versions for already existent vehicles from GTA V and on some other ideas like vehicle facelifts, vanilla model fixes, incoherences corrections (like no third brake light & no fuel cap) and different territory versions (like an EU version of the Vapid Dominator).

Before finish this post, remember to check my current workshop and don't forget to share your ideas there, the only way to make my workshop work is with your participation.

Note: I'm still working on some new improvements so if you find any bug or mistake please report it via Contact Form.

Thursday, July 27

(SA) In-Vehicle Animations (feat. Junior Djjr)

Hello everyone, today I was working on my current project when suddenly said "it's been a while since the last time I released a CLEO Script, people may think I'm not into that anymore", well I have released some minor scripts for requesters in GTA Forums, such as "no helicopters in the sky" (which I'm gonna release here soon, probably after this post) but now I'm back with a CLEO Script pack I made long time ago but just today decided to upload, or actually make it public.

As it says in the title, I'm introducing Junior Djjr into the credits because most of the work in this new release was made by him, I just improved the script and combined them (there were 2 scripts originally, details in the .ini file).

So, what is does this new release?, as it says in the title (again) are a couple of animations that are only performed inside a vehicle, the anims are performed by the player and the NPCs so it adds a lot of realism to the game. what are those anims?, Car Crash Anim & Car Horn Anim.

In the .ini file you can change the values of the crash anim requirements but the default ones work fine in my opinion so don't expect any troubles while playing.

Tuesday, June 27

(SA) Workshop's Makeup Trailer (v1)

After some long time away from the blog I'm back once again with another update from my workshop, today I have released a "fast work", the conversion of a prop model file from GTA V to GTA SA turning it into a vehicle (or in this case, a trailer). Due to being a "fast work" it's actually simple, it comes with Normalmaps & ImVehFt.

Tuesday, May 2

(WiP)(Proj)(SA) Vapid Slamvan Log #3 (Announcement)

Hello people, this time I back with another log but a little different one because I will talk about my new "achievenment", I've started my new topic about this project in GTA Forums, you can check it, follow it, post on it nad if you have any suggest, request or anything like that, please place it there.

The upcoming logs about my current project will be first posted there and later here, as a backup, mainly.

(click the button to be redirected to the Workshop)

Wednesday, April 19

(WiP)(Proj)(SA) Vapid Slamvan Log #2

Hello once again, this time I'm here with another log update for the current project; for the damage, I'm going to see if the "multi-layer damage system" made by Junior Djjr (thanks to him for the source code) can fit or even works with the vehicles I'll be working on.

Now, the changes from the previous log are:

-new color tone for the roof. it's the third tone instead of the second tone.
-(temporary) fixed front bumper. not sure if keep it with the current design.
-(temporary) deleted rear bumper. not sure how can the design be, maybe closer to its real counterpart.
-two new extra parts added. a decor in the front grille and a decor for the seats (barely seeable in the pictures)
-reflection added for the front bumper and front grille. also for the grille's extra part.

Note: probably after the release of the third vehicle, I will start a topic in GTA Forums, it will be basically a backup for the logs and a place for feedback to improve the models or even for requests.

Note: in the next log I want to upload a video with a quick review of the model and their features; at the moment I have some troubles with the game so before make a video, I must fix the game.

Sun Path in GTA SA

Hello people, this time I bring you a post dedicated to the sun path in GTA SA. I don't if any of you has noticed that the sunset occurs in the south on San Andreas, well, I'm not an expert in weather or geography but I'm sure the sunset occurs in the west, or at least that's where the sunset should occur if the game map is based on California.

I've been studying this "phenom" in the game for a couple of months, obviously to make this post, and one of the most interesting things I've noticed is the fact that the sun does a sort of ellipse in the sky from east to south. Well, that has an explanation: the season & the shape of the map.

The creators made this on purpose, mainly because of the game engine limitations; first of all, we have to accept that the map design isn't too much realistic, just think it, is a square. So, now knowing that, where it fits the "season" reason? during the fours temperate seasons of every year, Summer, Fall (autumn), Winter and Spring, the sun path changes in real-life, so they made this "ellipse" path with the idea of recreating the (probably) Summer season; obviously there are some discrepancies like the fact that people goes to the beach and we can find peds having a sunbath and at the same time, a surprise rain appears, although that last part happens because the game have a calendar, the days pass and we have an infinite cycle.

Monday, April 17

(WiP)(Proj)(SA) Vapid Slamvan Log #1

Hello people, after some days, actually weeks working in the first vehicle of the new project, I have some troubles or doubts about how to finish it; my main doubts are related to the damage; I'm not a big fan of vehicles with temporary damaged parts because besides of the well-known poor GTA SA damage system, the game engine itself has a lot of limitations, so I have four possible solutions, first one is release the car (and all the others) without damageable parts, just like my long time released Airtug; my second option is to make a fake damage body hidden in the model, like some modders do; my third option is to make a default damage, as the vanilla vehicles; and my last option is to make a simple damage, probably just the windows and add some scratches.

Well, before finish this post, please check these pictures of the WiP Vapid Slamvan:

(these pictures are meant to show the three different color preset for the vehicle; originally the model was designed to have two tones, but now I've added a third one; you can also see some of the extra parts working)

Sunday, April 9

(REQ)(SA) Nambu Type 14 Handgun (April 10, Updated!)

Hello people, first of all, forgive me about this late release Tango but has you can see, I was really busy these past weeks; I finally made your request (actually made it long time ago but didn't release it) and it's now here for your usage, but because of my constant improvement in GTA modding, I have adapted this weapon with the simulated real-time reflections.

Saturday, April 8

Announcement - New Project for the Upcoming Season & Blog Improvements (April 09, 2017 Updated!)

Edit: this new post (the 51st) will be the beginning of the new season of the blog.

So, I hope that the reason you're reading this post is because you saw the letter on the Contact Form page, well, if that's not the case, it doesn't matter because I will talk about that once again.

One of the main reasons why I'm not going to accept more requests for a while is basically because I'm out of time with college and such things, so, that's why I want to start a new project with more flexible times and not the stress of knowing that out there is a requester waiting for his (...) request.

This mentioned project is about one of my favorite things of GTA modding and is actually one of the reasons why I've joined the GTA Modding Comunity: Edit and Improve the GTA Vanilla Vehicles.
Yeah, you read it right, just like my friends Automan, M4K3 & GCT are doing it, I will join them.

Since a couple of years started with this, only for personal uses or sometimes caused by the curious of "how could it look this car if I...", so after being working on some "prototypes", to know your thoughts and feelings about my work, I would like to set something; I'm gonna work with the GTA V/O next-gen models, so if you have any "I would like to see this car with..." feeling please send me a message and I will see if I can make it (only realistic stuff, I don't want to make a Mad Max style car).

Another important thing is that I will try to make different versions of the same vehicles, for example, take the Vapid Stainer II and design a Police version, a FIB version, a taxi version, a gangster version, etc. One of my early works was a new version for the Mule, I call it "Maibatsu Mule Pickup" (not so original, right?), check it out:

Sunday, April 2

(REQ)(SA) Russian Weapons Pack - Shotgun (April 02, 2017 Updated!)

Edit: First post of the Month and 50th post of the blog! (published while watching WWE Wrestlemania!)

Baikal MP-153, a semi-automatic shotgun which it's the first version was produced since 1997 until 2001 when a new version was released with improvements and fixes, such as a bigger ammunition capacity and the usage of polymers. (This time I bring you the second version of this weapon).

The model comes with the normalmaps compatibility but also with the environment compatibility, this mean you are going to have realistic shadows on the model but also simulated real-time reflections, thanks to DK22pac modification.


Note: in the list, it was supposed that the next part of the pack should be the machineguns but unfortunately the textures of those 3D models were locked or at least I was unable to edit them, so that's why I'm releasing the shotgun.

Sunday, March 26

(REQ)(SA) Russian Weapons Pack - Handguns (April 08, 2017 Updated!)

Edit: this is the last post of march but also the 2017's March has the record as "the month with most posts of the blog history"; 6 posts were published, isn't too much but it's a prove of my commitment with the loyal visitors.

Another week, another part of this huge request; this time I bring you the handguns, four handguns for your enjoyment. As always, they come with the normalmaps compatibility and correct hand-fit; these weapons are adapted to work with the original anims and settings of the game but for some special cases I've added custom weapon data lines for the GSh-18 and the OTs-33 Pernach.

Note: the fourth handgun, the SR-1 Vektor isn't in the pack because while I was finishing it, my Zmodeler stops working and now it seems like it won't work again, so at the moment you can only enjoy three handguns.


(OTs-33 Pernach; ignore the bug with the arm)

(PSM Pistol)

Saturday, March 25

Reflections on this project - Six years of modding, three years of sharing

Yeah, I know, it's been more than 3 years and this blog is still getting bigger and better, I still can't believe how people accepted this project and now is one of my favorites hobbies; back in 2014 when I decided to make this blog, my original idea was to just share my designs and such stuff like a showroom but never upload something, just being selfish and say to myself "haha you're a very bad person! showing awesome stuff for the game but never give them a link or a try on them" but then I said "sounds funny but that's not me, I will start sharing stuff I already have and then keep working on possible requests"; the first months it was a madness, but well I guess every modder suffers the same in one way or another.

While I was improving the content of the blog, in parallel, I was improving the blog itself, changing its design and adding new features but always testing new things; just like this "2017 design", at the moment looks really cool but I still got some ideas for new improvements, things like and animated header, for example (I won't say all my ideas, otherwise somebody could copy me).

Well, one of the things I like about this project is the fact that there are a few posts that every day got an average of 6 views, in a top 3 we can name the "APS Underwater Rifle" (first post), the "Plane Target System" and "GTA VI, What I want" (I'm always looking how could I improve my old post, and recently I updated the underwater rifle post); those three posts have a lot of views, first one with 654 views, second one with 641 and third one with 326; after that, the fourth post in the top has 170 views, the "Physically unrealistic crashes". It's funny because the underwater rifle can be only used in-land, I still can't find a way to make work underwater, not as I wanted.

Another thing that I'm greatly happy and indebted are the donations, people like you, the so-called GTA fans, your donations as it says in the donation button "it help us to keep working on your dreams", and I know that feel, because before I joined the modding community, I was just a fan with that thought of "damn, I would like to change that but how?" so then I discovered "GTA Inside", the first ever modification I installed in my GTA SA was a WW2 airplane made by SkylineGTRfreak, that changed my mind, and gave me the dream of learning how to do that and every segment of modding of GTA SA, and now after more than 5 years, I can say I'm able to change almost every aspect of the game, on some things I have more ability and for others I'm less good (like on ENBs or any graphic edition) but I still can do some minor changes.

My knowledge about GTA modding get to point where I even help others to find solutions in their modding, especially in GTA Forums where I always try to give the best possible answer (I hope some year I will win the trophy as the most helpful user" or something like that).

You people don't know this but I'm studying "industrial design" at college; this is the perfect career because in class we use tools and software that are really similar to GTA modding tools such as Zmodeler, I'm even learning how to use a software called "Rhinoceros" to start modelling map objects, instead of use "Sketchup".

As a final part of this reflexive post, I would like to say thank you to every GTA fan, visitor and friend that as been part of project called "Mysterdogg, The Original"; and last but not least, coming soon I will probably create a workshop in GTA Forums to share some new ideas I'm currently working on.

Stay tuned and don't forget to the blog because this only exists for your GTA-dreams!

NOTE: I started the blog in September so probably in that month I will be celebrating another "blog-anniversary"... with mysterious releases and such things!

Wednesday, March 15

(REQ)(SA) Russian Weapons Pack - Melee Guns

Back once again this week, I recently finished a part of the huge Lynx's request; today I brings you three Russian knifes to choose, the Spetsnaz Machete, the Soviet Bayonet 6x4 and the Combat Knife OC-04. All of this with the normalmaps compatibility and scaled at the same dimensions of the original GTA SA knife.

(Combat Knife OC-04)

(Soviet Bayonet 6x4)

(Spetsnaz Machete)

Tuesday, March 14

(REQ)(SA) HESCO Bastion (roadbarrier)(April 09, 2017 Updated!)

Note: I just noticed this is the first post related with a map's object replacement

Our frequent client, Pounc3r requested this via Contact Form (thanks for using it), the HESCO Bastion, basically a road barrier used mostly for military porpuses. He requested a specific model but I preferred to use another one with a better quality, and actually fits really well in-game. The model is from Spec Ops: the line, by the way.

Saturday, March 11

(SA)(REL) Dollar Bills Pickup

I never liked the way the money appears in the GTA series, especially because I've never seen someone walking on the street with a perfectly made dollars package in their pockets. Some people could say: "but Msyterdogg, why you made it like that if people usually have their money in a wallet", well, in-game, sometimes when you kill someone with a lot of money, appears a lot of money pickups so it will be weird if after killing a drug seller, four wallets appears on the ground.

I actually made this in a record time, like 5 minutes, the problem came later trying to take a good or even decent picture; well, I didn't make it and this is the best picture I could take.

(in-game models)

Sunday, March 5

(GUI)(SA) Brassknuckles in both hands

Hello everyone, after a few weeks far from modding because of what I said in the last post, I'm back once again with a new working PC (I still need some new pieces and such things but is working). Before I start releasing the so-awaited requests, I've got a present for you, actually for a guy from GTA Forums that was looking for it.

As the title says, I've found a way to have a brassknuckles in both hands; well all of this started a few days ago when I was reading the newest topics in the 3D era modding section of GTA Forums, a guy (I can't remember his name) was looking for a way to have as he said "2x brassknuckles instead of one", after I read that I started thinking "how could that be possible?" I first thought on make a CLEO Script but I didn't find the appropriate opcodes to do it (I was busy those days), so then I said "I could try to do it via data edition", and here I bring you the result, with a video and all that stuff.

the procedure is very simple, we just have to edit one code inside the weapon.dat file:


After that, just open your game and look for the weapon:

Note: when I was testing this "modification" I suffered some unexpected bugs, most of the time the game just minimized.

Note: this edition is fully compatible with my previous modification "equipable brassknuckles".

Note: I haven't tested it yet with a saved game so if anyone could give me their "experience" to add it to this post, I would be really glad.

Monday, February 6

Announcement - troubles and inconvenients (March 16, 2017 Updated!)

Hello people, this past weekend while I was working in some of the GTA Inside requests and some Blog requests, my PC (my desktop PC) get infected with a virus, I tried whatever I could to eliminate it but unfortunately, my computer didn't survive; the virus attacked some of my Softwares such as the Zmodeler (in this case, I don't like to use pirate versions, so I must buy a new license) and the OpenIV and I lost them. The good news is I have successfully rescued some of my folders, including my GTA files and most of my personal files.

The bad thing is that most of the requests I was working on are gone, so, if you don't see your request on the blog in the next days, is because is one of the "gone ones". Another problem is about the performance of my computer, I'm in need of a new upgrade, a new motherboard with a new CPU and I don't have enough money to buy both, so, if you people can help me, I will be able to work better, more efficient and "multitask" your requests and such things (well, I mainly use my desktop PC to work in my job and college, so I really need it), and yeah, I will be really thankful; I don't know, I could pay back your help with a mysterious release I was thinking about (actually working on with my brother and others friends).

At the moment I'm working on my laptop to release a few requests before fix or upgrade my computer. For those who are interested in the next releases I'm still working on are:

-Russian Weapon Pack - Melee guns; as requested by Lynx Note: I will release this huge request in a couple of parts because of the previously mentioned reasons. DONE

-Cam Shake - v2.1; requested in GTA Inside, is basically a few fixes and improvements/addons in my CLEO Script. DONE

-Nambu Type 14 handgun; requested by Tango, although he requests more weapons, as part of a Japanese weapon pack, this is actually the only model I have to work on.

Friday, January 27

Announcement - 2017's new improvements and releases (April 09, 2017 Updated!)

After the Holiday Spirit, I was really busy but soon I will start to release the Christmas gifts; the gifts are mainly CLEO Script updates and new weapon models.

As part of the improvements for the blog, I bring you the "Message Answers" page recently released, there you will find the answers to your messages previously sent via "Contact Form". I've already answered a couple of messages I received the last month.

I have two video channels on the web, the Youtube channel as the main channel, where you will find all of my videos and the Dailymotion channel where you will only find modification releases (it's mainly a backup channel for my videos).

And please use the Shoutbox to comment or suggest ideas related to the posts, don't use it to request new modifications sharing URLs or links there, use the (as I always say) Contact Form instead. NO LONGER POSSIBLE, CHECK UPDATE 2

UPDATE: well, as part of the every-year-improvements, I'm gonna be changing and implementing some new banners and label styles on the blog to make it look better and more stylized. DONE

UPDATE 2: since today, the shoutbox will disappear, since all the requests are coming from the
"Contact Form", the shoutbox is unnecessary; in the future please use the contact form to request new content or you can also contact me via GTA Inside or GTA Forums. I will work in a more intuitive and more easy-to-use "Contact Form", well not just that, also the entire blog.

Stay tunned and ready for the next posts!