Wednesday, December 14

Mysterdogg's Holiday Spirit! - 2016

Another year has passed and although I'm still busy with real life stuff such as college, christmas, travels, etc; I'm goning to start to release a few gifts for this holidays, finishing on December 25.

It will be maybe CLEO Scripts, 3D models or something new, like skins/peds, for example.

That's all for now but soon I will start to release those gifts, and talking about the last requests in the shoutbox, I'm not accepting more requests till the next year but I could make one of the requested things, obviously the ones that was properly asked, and yes, I'm talking about you Tango, if you want to share a link with me please use the "contact form" otherwise, other  modders come to my blog and make those requests before me; that's why I've blocked the URLs in the shoutbox.