Wednesday, October 26

(SA)(WiP) Benelli M1014 Tactical (April 09, 2017 Updated!)

Unfortunately, I've lost the files of this model so the release can't be possible, and besides, without the model, I can't make the second part of my EnhFuncs tutorial

As the title says, this is a WiP (Work in Progress) modification, I started working on this a few weeks ago but because of some troubles at home I stopped my work; just today I retake it and keep working on it, so, the big news are:

(Example of the different versions)

-Enhanced Functions compatibility
-Normalmaps Compatibility
-Differents camouflages
-Custom weapon data lines
-Two in-game selective fire modes (CLEO Script)
-Custom extra settings (compatible with others modifications)

Monday, October 17

Procedural Generation Games

Hey everyone, it's Mysterdogg once again with another Gaming Information, this time about one of the best things in videogames, the Procedural Generation. In this oportunity I will just talk about one type of procedural generation, the one used in games such as Minecraft and No Man's Sky.

(Procedural Generation Example)

(SA) MP5K w/ Red Dot Sight

Well, I have been really busy this passed months but to keep this blog alive I decided to release an old modification I made two years ago, obviously with improvements and fixes now, I'm talking about the MP5K submachine gun with a single attachment: the red dot sight.

(Zmodeler Render)