Tuesday, August 23

(SA) Rusty Melee Weapons #2

Hello visitors, today I would like to share with you two weapons I've converted for GTA SA being part of the Rusty Weapons Serie, the Sledgehammer (from Ravaged) & the Poolcue (from Gamebanana.com).

(Zmodeler Render Pic)

Tuesday, August 16

(MysteryRel)(SA) Damaged Parts Disabler v1.2 (November 03, 2016 Updated!)

So, this is the (probably) so awaited Mysterious Release, my newest CLEO Script creation, a Damaged Parts Disabler; if you really can't figure out what this modification does, keep reading!

(example of the textbox working)

Friday, August 5

Announcement: Google inc. & Urls Shortener

Hello visitors, if you are waiting for the "mysterious release" please keep waiting for a while, this passed week has been really busy and I finally got free time this weekend, so I might upload the "mysterious release" this weekend for sure; now, talking about the new announcement, I've joined the Google Team being part of the "Google App for Work" users and promoter, you probably have already noticed the new info in the right side of the blog. So, if any of you want to be part of the team just contact me and I'll give you a discount code to start your first year (what could be great because I joined by myself and it was not cheap).
(Google inc. Logo)

The other part of this announcement is about the download links, I won't keep using Mediafire as the main cloud server, since this day I'm going to use Google Drive as the main cloud server but Mediafire will be the alternative cloud server just in case you have some troubles with Google Drive; the last part of this announcement is about the usage of "short links", I will not use it just to earn money with your clicks, instead of that is to avoid bots from the site, I've been checking the visits to the blog and a percentage of those visits are bots, which aren't possitive for the blog at all (you know, viruses, spams).
(Short.am Logo; Urls Shortener)

And last but not least, thanks for reading this announcement and keep enjoying your visit!