Tuesday, June 14

(SA) MQ-8B Fire Scout Helicopter

Hello once again, I'm here today with a new modification, this time an helicopter, the Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Fire Scout, check the picture up next to see the size comparison with a solder and then check the scale in-game, it's really accurate.

(size comparison)

Sunday, June 12

(SA) VZ-61 Skorpion w/ Camouflages Pack

Hello visitors, strangers, guests and friends, today I brings you another "camouflaged" pack, this time the VZ-61 Skorpion, instead of write a huge introduction about the history of this weapon (like many modders do actually) just click the hyperlink (the name of the weapon); but anyways, I'm just going to say is a bosnian submachine gun/machine pistol used during the Bosnian War.

(Fold & Unfold Introduction)

Saturday, June 4

(REQ)(SA) Equipable brassknuckle v1.4 (November 03, 2016 Updated!)

just a few minutes after my "Brassknuckle Remover" CLEO script was accepted in GTA Inside, the user called Junho requested for a new version with a new feature: Remove & Equip the brassknuckle.

Friday, June 3

(GUI)(SA) Two Ways to Remove the Brassknuckle

Hello everyone, have you ever said "it's weird to use a weapon while I got the brassknuckle in my right hand... is there anyway to remove it without die in the process (literally)", well I got the answer, actually two ways to remove the brassknuckle.

(Grand Theft Auto V brassknuckle)