Wednesday, December 14

Mysterdogg's Holiday Spirit! - 2016

Another year has passed and although I'm still busy with real life stuff such as college, christmas, travels, etc; I'm goning to start to release a few gifts for this holidays, finishing on December 25.

It will be maybe CLEO Scripts, 3D models or something new, like skins/peds, for example.

That's all for now but soon I will start to release those gifts, and talking about the last requests in the shoutbox, I'm not accepting more requests till the next year but I could make one of the requested things, obviously the ones that was properly asked, and yes, I'm talking about you Tango, if you want to share a link with me please use the "contact form" otherwise, other  modders come to my blog and make those requests before me; that's why I've blocked the URLs in the shoutbox.

Tuesday, November 29

(GUI)(SA) Enhfuncs Enhanced Weapons Adapting Part #1 (April 09, 2017 Updated!)

Unfortunately, I've lost the files of this model so the release can't be possible, and besides, without the model, I can't make the second part of my EnhFuncs tutorial

I was recently check some topics on GTA Forums that I always read, specially looking for troubles or problems with those modifications, well, while I was reading the Enhfuncs - Enhanced Weapons topic I figured out nobody have made a tutorial or guide on how to adapt weapons with this well-kown modification, so as an attempt to help others modders I decided to make this guide, in two parts, first one (this one) is a video showing how to adapt a gun with the most used function, the slidecover function, with Zmodeler2 (I use version 2.9.3); in the second part I will show how to adapt the data settings to make it compatible with the weapon model and also show the weapon in-game working.

Everything (step by step & helpful captions) is inside the video so this post will be really short; watch the video and tell me if you don't understand something.

(First part video)

Saturday, November 12

(SA)(REL) Frag Grenade & C4 Bomb (November 13, 2016 Updated!)

UPDATE: the files are now uploaded, check the link at the end of this post!

after the last "Fast Convertion" I said "That was interesting, kinda impulsive, everything calm in the blog and in the blink of an eye, a new upload! you know what? I will make another 'Fast Convertion'" and well, here I am once again with another upload, two explosives from the game Dirty Bomb (thanks to for the models).

In the video you can see in only 30 seconds how I did a fast convertion, but in real time speed it took me just 4 minutes. In the next few hours I will upload a video showing the frag granade convertion.

Here it is, the second part of this pack and fast convertion show, the frag grenade is done and now the final part of this post is about to end; I'll upload the files in a couple of hours. This covertion took me 2 minutes in real time speed.

Tuesday, November 8

(REQ)(SA) KS-23 Shotgun

Nothing much to say about this convertion; Lynx requested it and I made it in a record time. Anyways, if you want to know something else about this interesting weapon check this link -

Wednesday, October 26

(SA)(WiP) Benelli M1014 Tactical (April 09, 2017 Updated!)

Unfortunately, I've lost the files of this model so the release can't be possible, and besides, without the model, I can't make the second part of my EnhFuncs tutorial

As the title says, this is a WiP (Work in Progress) modification, I started working on this a few weeks ago but because of some troubles at home I stopped my work; just today I retake it and keep working on it, so, the big news are:

(Example of the different versions)

-Enhanced Functions compatibility
-Normalmaps Compatibility
-Differents camouflages
-Custom weapon data lines
-Two in-game selective fire modes (CLEO Script)
-Custom extra settings (compatible with others modifications)

Monday, October 17

Procedural Generation Games

Hey everyone, it's Mysterdogg once again with another Gaming Information, this time about one of the best things in videogames, the Procedural Generation. In this oportunity I will just talk about one type of procedural generation, the one used in games such as Minecraft and No Man's Sky.

(Procedural Generation Example)

(SA) MP5K w/ Red Dot Sight

Well, I have been really busy this passed months but to keep this blog alive I decided to release an old modification I made two years ago, obviously with improvements and fixes now, I'm talking about the MP5K submachine gun with a single attachment: the red dot sight.

(Zmodeler Render)

Tuesday, August 23

(SA) Rusty Melee Weapons #2

Hello visitors, today I would like to share with you two weapons I've converted for GTA SA being part of the Rusty Weapons Serie, the Sledgehammer (from Ravaged) & the Poolcue (from

(Zmodeler Render Pic)

Tuesday, August 16

(MysteryRel)(SA) Damaged Parts Disabler v1.2 (November 03, 2016 Updated!)

So, this is the (probably) so awaited Mysterious Release, my newest CLEO Script creation, a Damaged Parts Disabler; if you really can't figure out what this modification does, keep reading!

(example of the textbox working)

Friday, August 5

Announcement: Google inc. & Urls Shortener

Hello visitors, if you are waiting for the "mysterious release" please keep waiting for a while, this passed week has been really busy and I finally got free time this weekend, so I might upload the "mysterious release" this weekend for sure; now, talking about the new announcement, I've joined the Google Team being part of the "Google App for Work" users and promoter, you probably have already noticed the new info in the right side of the blog. So, if any of you want to be part of the team just contact me and I'll give you a discount code to start your first year (what could be great because I joined by myself and it was not cheap).
(Google inc. Logo)

The other part of this announcement is about the download links, I won't keep using Mediafire as the main cloud server, since this day I'm going to use Google Drive as the main cloud server but Mediafire will be the alternative cloud server just in case you have some troubles with Google Drive; the last part of this announcement is about the usage of "short links", I will not use it just to earn money with your clicks, instead of that is to avoid bots from the site, I've been checking the visits to the blog and a percentage of those visits are bots, which aren't possitive for the blog at all (you know, viruses, spams).
( Logo; Urls Shortener)

And last but not least, thanks for reading this announcement and keep enjoying your visit!

Sunday, July 31

(SA) Rusty Melee Weapons #1

Hello everyone, before the "Mysterious Release" I would like to share with you two weapons I've converted for GTA SA a long time ago, the Fire Axe (from Ravaged) & the Wired Baseball Bat (from Payday 2), both in rusty style.

(Zmodeler Render Pic)

Tuesday, June 14

(SA) MQ-8B Fire Scout Helicopter

Hello once again, I'm here today with a new modification, this time an helicopter, the Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Fire Scout, check the picture up next to see the size comparison with a solder and then check the scale in-game, it's really accurate.

(size comparison)

Sunday, June 12

(SA) VZ-61 Skorpion w/ Camouflages Pack

Hello visitors, strangers, guests and friends, today I brings you another "camouflaged" pack, this time the VZ-61 Skorpion, instead of write a huge introduction about the history of this weapon (like many modders do actually) just click the hyperlink (the name of the weapon); but anyways, I'm just going to say is a bosnian submachine gun/machine pistol used during the Bosnian War.

(Fold & Unfold Introduction)

Saturday, June 4

(REQ)(SA) Equipable brassknuckle v1.4 (November 03, 2016 Updated!)

just a few minutes after my "Brassknuckle Remover" CLEO script was accepted in GTA Inside, the user called Junho requested for a new version with a new feature: Remove & Equip the brassknuckle.

Friday, June 3

(GUI)(SA) Two Ways to Remove the Brassknuckle

Hello everyone, have you ever said "it's weird to use a weapon while I got the brassknuckle in my right hand... is there anyway to remove it without die in the process (literally)", well I got the answer, actually two ways to remove the brassknuckle.

(Grand Theft Auto V brassknuckle)

Tuesday, May 31

(WiP)(Idea) Raindrops on Vehicles (August 06, 2017 Updated!)

This WiP is now pointless to become a release due to the eventual apparition of the newest SA Directx and probably MMGE 4

Hello there, if you were asking yourself "what was Mysterdogg doing this last days?", well the answer is, as you read it in the title, Raindrops on Vehicles, I get the idea after watch a graphics comparison of the game "Need for Speed"; so, I looked for a raindrop texture in the web and started to adapt some cars and see the results, at the moment is just a texture, I didn´t started with the script modding yet but imagine the possibilities, this feature would be the perfect couple for the next MMGE, the MMGE 3.

Sunday, May 8

Mysterdogg's Return

Hello visitors, after a long time inactive, I'm back once again; but, I know what everyone of you are thinking "what happened?" "why do you leave the modding?", well the answer is pretty simple: My PC died in february (specificaly my motherboard), so a few days ago I finally bought a new one. The others reasons are university (college) life and to be honest, My real life.

Now, talking about the blog, I'll make some improves, add new things and, obviously, upload new modifications for GTA SA.

At the moment, any requested or future request will be ignored in the next two weeks; I'll just accept requests by contact form.