Monday, December 21

(Gift)(SA) AKS-74u w/ Camouflages Pack

Hello visitors, here it´s my first gift from me to you!

(Standard Version)

Tuesday, December 15

Mysterdogg's Holidays Spirit!

First of all, do you like the snow effect? it´s rewally simple but cool! now, hello dear stranger aKa visitors, the holidays are almost here, so, to prepair ourself for that moment I'll start to upload some small or simple gifts (modifications) I made since 2013 as a gift for you! I´ll keep doing this until December 24 when I´m gonna upload the biggest gift of the year from me to you; the APC AMV-7 Marchal.

So, as I said before, the Light-Tank will appear under your "digital christmas tree" that wonderful night; now let's watch how the countdown timer start works again! 

Note: the visitors that don´t celebrate christmas don´t feel bad, this a gift for me to you bacause you make this blog works, without you, the blog couldn´t even be what is right now!

Note: and for the new year I´m thinking on give you another gift, but it´s just an idea... tell me what you think in the comments down there, what you would like to see for the new year!

Monday, December 14

(SA) TEC-9 w/ Camouflages Pack (July 29, 2016 Updated!)

Hello fellow visitors, I introduce you this time an old weapon I made some months ago (actually almost a year ago), the TEC-9; but is not just the weapon, I also included a pack of four camouflages.

NOTE: for those who are waiting fot the light-tank, I got troubles with the turret movement, when I fix it, I´ll upload it, but by the moment, check the galery in next days ´cause I´ll upload some WiP of the vehicle.

 (Click on the pictures to see the details)

Thursday, December 3

(REQ) PKP Spetsnaz w/ Russian Red Camo (April 09, 2017 Updated!)

Hi there, Mukade requested this weapon from Medal of Honor Warfigther and well, although he didn´t follow the rules I decided to make it, but don´t think you can do the same, everybody here must follow the rules.

 (this time, it's just the standard version)

Tuesday, December 1

(REL)(SA) Underwater Weapons Pack (Beta 02)

Well, this is the beta 02 of the U.W.P; I decided to update the pack on a different post but this one just bring you the weapons with his own HQ icons and the custom settings to use the slidecover function with the Enhanced Functions by Junior_Djjr.

Note: I was testing some new features (designed by me) for weapons and at the moment I got very good results, maybe in the next post I´ll add that feature to the next upload.