Monday, November 30

(REL)(SA) Underwater Weapons Pack (Beta 01)

The awaitting pack is HERE with custom features and the well known quality of my work; anyways´is still in beta because I can´t make work the CLEO script properly as I would like but that´s the only restant part of this modification. Follow the instructions inside the three readme files and if you got any problem just tell me (the anim fixes aren´t allowed in this case).

Note: Tomorrow I´ll add to this post the fixed version with his own icons and the Enhanced Functions custom data.

Monday, November 9

(REQ)(SA) M-26 M.A.S.S. w/ Reflex Sight

(fit in hands)

I was working very hard on the weapon data line but I can´t fix the shoot bug because I noticed is an anim bug and ain´t got time to change the anim, anyways, the weapon works very well, it fits well (most of the time) and has the normalmaps compatibility.

Monday, November 2

(SA) MK-110 w/ Sand Camouflage

I had this weapon for many months but I forget to upload it, what can I say about this, it comes with Normalmaps compatibility and his own weapon data line.

(REQ) M60e4 w/ Long barrel & M249 SAW

Here is it, just a request and a gift, enjoy it & don´t kill too many cops with this men toys.