Thursday, August 27

(REQ) What you want - Standard Weapons

I was thinking if I do this or not but I decided to yes; do you remember the last What You Want - Future Releases"? well, this is the part two but I will use this post to update the M590 w/ shell holder; anyways, remember if you're gonna request a weapon, it most be an standard weapon without attachments and unnecessary thinks, also remember to put your requests about this post here and no in the shoutbox (by the way, you can use the Contact Form to request by inbox).

Lets see how many requests will appear in one week (because I will just accept requests for seven days), after that I will start to release it.

Note: some weapon "parts" are attachments and don't tell me you don't know it, remember just request standard weapons (no silencers, supressors, scopes, sights, grips, butts, etc).

UPDATE: I will release the fixed version of my Mossberg 590 w/ shell holder (requested by MarksmanElite).

UPDATE: here are the selected requests

.- Mossberg 590 w/ Shell Holder (Fixed Version)
.- SPAS-15 w/ Woodland or Dessert Camo
.- "Iron Designed Sawnoff" 

UPDATE: check the posts for the respective requested weapons.

Tuesday, August 25

GTA VI, What I Want (April 08, 2017 Updated!)

Well, first of all, this is not what I want in the next GTA, this is what, actually, I want in the upcoming GTA games. But, anyways, to make it easier, I'll talk about GTA VI.

(fan made logo)