Tuesday, September 30

(SA)(OLD) 2014 CLEO Scripts

Hello everyone, I've decided to place my first most successful modifications in one single post as part of the "New Schedule" improvements and changes. The content of those posts will remain intact but the download links are meant to be changed.


Here you got the "Water Plane Effect v1.5". A "real Aircraft Effect" like Sonic Boom or any other. It´s a "GTA V-O feature".

If you wanna know how it works fly at low altitudes over the water/ocean/sea and look at how the water rises, just download it and test it!

Click here to get the modification!

(Click the picture for full size; weapon & car models made by me)

Here is it! A new version of "Car Cam Shake" but I also added a new feature, the "Weapon Cam Shake".

As an Update, you can now customize the "Shake Level" for "Weapon" & "Car" Cam Shake in "CamShakeSet" file. Just download it and test yourself!

No Blur Effect - Required to use Cam Shake!

(Click the picture for full size)

Another version of this awesome modification for GTA SA!
Some Cleo fixes and new textures (new target point). This is the "Machine Gun Version". Just download and test yourself! (any problem or bug just tell me).