Friday, October 13

Announcement - Modding Break

Hello people, due to not enough time for spending in my hobbies such as modding, I'm taking a break from it for a few months; my real life "problems" are more important than other things, so I need to focus on my college exams and my personal life.

If everything goes fine, I'll be returning in December to keep with my workshop and the blog. I'll be may still active in my IG account but just sharing some minor progress with the Workshop stuff.

Farewell, People and don't worry, I'll be back!

Friday, August 25

Anouncement - Mod Stealers

Hello people, today I want to post something different, something  I don't talk too much but that I'm always looking forward, stealers; the people that have visited my GTA Inside's Userpage, could see that I have a list of the successfully reported stolen modifications, I've reported a lot more than that but Alex (GTA Inside's administrator) not always accept my reports or probably he is too busy with the webpage, well, let's finish this introduction by saying that I'm a guy that respect others work so the last thing I can do for them is simple report stealers if I find any, always looking for keeping real authors attributions.

A few years ago I won a "battle" against Ziggy Yardie, a Youtuber, about stolen mods; he was uploading DK22pac's modifications under his attribution and even using a lot of Url shorteners in the download links. I first talked with him via private message saying that he must include author's names in the description of his videos and not monetize with others work, he ignored me and kept doing it, more people reacted as me and at the end, Youtube delete his account two times till he, with his third account, accepted our suggestions and added the corresponding credits in his videos.

Well, today I was looking for a good map modification for GTA SA to take some pictures of the vehicles I'm working on and other stuff, while looking I found this, what sparked my interest in that modification was that two, practically, new GTA SA modders made a really complicated, fully functional & unbelievable modification without help from experienced modders. I proceeded to download it and one of the documents stored inside said (textually) "Could not upload to gtainside because the server only allows (max 256mb) and the mod weighs double (500mb)... sorry.", ignoring the poor English, a tactic used my stealers to avoid being reported is upload a ReadMe file with a download link instead of directly upload the (stolen) modification (not in every case, of course, I've myself done this tactic but with another purpose: make my blog public); from the other side, real modders, whenever we have that kind of problem (upload size limit), we divide the modification into two parts or more and then we upload it in GTA Inside, simple right?

So, I went to that link mentioned in the ReadMe file and it was a video of a guy speaking in Spanish about something irrelevant and placed the (supposedly) download link in the description, I went to that link and the surprise was that a girl was the co-author of this modification, and even if women are present in games modding, it really makes me doubt even more that those two YouTubers made that modification. my surprise was even bigger when reading the comments of the video, I found Junior Djjr (my friend and known modder) saying the same I'm talking about now.

This week I've reported a new user in GTA Forums that was spamming with unnecessary messages in a lot of old already answered topics, with messages like "I'm here if you need me" or "yes, that mod does that"; that's simply a waste of time, and not only because are answered topics, but also because he is not being helpful; all his messages on those topics where deleted by the administrator after my request.

Think about this, they upload a document with a link for one of their videos, in that video the redirect you to another video of another user, to finally give the real download link; I made a quick research in their channels and now I can tell you that they are doing all of this (stealing other's job) to gain followers, they just wanna be famous quickly.

Stealing is the worst thing you can do for being famous on the internet, because later or sooner someone will tell the truth, and this time, I'm not the only one, there are others that feel the same and don't want to be calm till those people react and stop what they're doing; by stealing our work, they will only produce what everyone hates, locked mods, no more open sources mods, no more modding communities, because there are stealers that using our hard work, get what they want, earned by lies.

I invite you to check the users I'm talking about, two Peruvian Youtubers that have stolen or at least used (without authors permission), if I'm not wrong, 4 modifications made by others, including YourCreatedhell's Work, [player] Michelle's Work, Ezekiel's Work.

Before finishing, please don't spam their videos with insulting or hateful comments, instead of that, go and report them, and do the same in GTA Inside and wherever they've uploaded those files. I've already reported their uploads in GTA Inside hoping that Alex will remove them.

(Workshop)(Proj) Bravado Gauntlet Preview #2

(ENB Z on ultra settings)

Another preview before its release, this time some pictures at night... Coming to San Andreas shortly.

*Model in final stage development, final release may change from its current design as seen in pictures & videos*

Sunday, August 20

(Workshop)(Proj) Bravado Gauntlet Preview #1

A short preview of the upcoming beast to San Andreas...

Remember to check my Workshop to stay tuned for all the news and updates about new releases and announcements.