Sunday, August 20

(Workshop)(Proj) Bravado Gauntlet Preview #1

A short preview of the upcoming beast to San Andreas...

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Sunday, August 13

(SA)(REL) Police Flashlight

Another weapon from my "weapons for release" folder, if I'm not wrong, I found this weapon in GameBanana and even Crowz616 used; so the only differences between Crowz616's version and mine are normalmaps compatibility and unlocked files.

Thursday, August 10

(SA)(REL) Police Baton

New weapon for your game, I always wonder why we don't have more weapons for the nightstick replacement, so I made this. This weapon comes from my "weapons for release" folder, a folder I created long time ago to store all the weapons I've made before the opening of the blog, so expect more releases from that folder, I have a couple of more weapons there.

Monday, August 7

(SA)(REQ) StG-44 Light Assault Rifle (August 07, 2017 Updated!)

2015's "posts mark" supered!

(quick in-game picture showing the normalmap textures working)

Hello once again, Delta99 requested a few days ago this weapon, today I had free time so quickly converted it to GTA SA.