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Wednesday, March 15

(REQ)(SA) Russian Weapons Pack - Melee Guns

Back once again this week, I recently finished a part of the huge Lynx's request; today I brings you three Russian knifes to choose, the Spetsnaz Machete, the Soviet Bayonet 6x4 and the Combat Knife OC-04. All of this with the normalmaps compatibility and scaled at the same dimensions of the original GTA SA knife.

(Combat Knife OC-04)

(Soviet Bayonet 6x4)

(Spetsnaz Machete)

Tuesday, March 14

(REQ)(SA) HESCO Bastion (roadbarrier)

Our frequent client, Pounc3r requested this via Contact Form (thanks for using it), the HESCO Bastion, basically a road barrier used mostly for military porpuses. He requested a specific model but I preferred to use another one with a better quality, and actually fits really well in-game. The model is from Spec Ops: the line, by the way.

Saturday, March 11

(SA)(REL) Dollar Bills Pickup

I never liked the way the money appears in the GTA series, especially because I've never seen someone walking on the street with a perfectly made dollars package in their pockets. Some people could say: "but Msyterdogg, why you made it like that if people usually have their money in a wallet", well, in-game, sometimes when you kill someone with a lot of money, appears a lot of money pickups so it will be weird if after killing a drug seller, four wallets appears on the ground.

I actually made this in a record time, like 5 minutes, the problem came later trying to take a good or even decent picture; well, I didn't make it and this is the best picture I could take.

(in-game models)

Sunday, March 5

(GUI)(SA) Brassknuckles in both hands

Hello everyone, after a few weeks far from modding because of what I said in the last post, I'm back once again with a new working PC (I still need some new pieces and such things but is working). Before I start releasing the so-awaited requests, I've got a present for you, actually for a guy from GTA Forums that was looking for it.

As the title says, I've found a way to have a brassknuckles in both hands; well all of this started a few days ago when I was reading the newest topics in the 3D era modding section of GTA Forums, a guy (I can't remember his name) was looking for a way to have as he said "2x brassknuckles instead of one", after I read that I started thinking "how could that be possible?" I first thought on make a CLEO Script but I didn't find the appropriate opcodes to do it (I was busy those days), so then I said "I could try to do it via data edition", and here I bring you the result, with a video and all that stuff.

the procedure is very simple, we just have to edit one code inside the weapon.dat file:


After that, just open your game and look for the weapon:

Note: when I was testing this "modification" I suffered some unexpected bugs, most of the time the game just minimized.

Note: this edition is fully compatible with my previous modification "equipable brassknuckles".

Note: I haven't tested it yet with a saved game so if anyone could give me their "experience" to add it to this post, I would be really glad.